Achievement3 Plagarism By @aliraza5 01-01-2022

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Hello dear friends of Steemit ..


Continuing with my third achievement in the Newcomers community and to be able to fulfill the 6 achievements proposed by our friend @cryptokannon, whose purpose is to obtain greater knowledge of our Steemit Platform.

Achievement 3 is related to plagiarism and original content, what can or cannot be done on the steemit platform.Plagiarism is bad thing which is not good on steemit and in real life.I hope you are all know about plagiarism.I can expain about plagiarism.

The main thing you should know is that plagiarism is not allowed and it is something that is frowned upon both in steemit and in real life, because in this case you are stealing someone else's ideas or work, and there is nothing better than create original and creative content, to be worthy of the rewards obtained. And more, however, if you can refer to and quotes from another person as long as you respect and indicate the source and the respective author.

To better explain what plagiarism is, I will look for a concept and make an appointment and put the source where I obtained the information.

"The term plagiarism is defined in the Dictionary of the Spanish Academy as the action of" substantially copying other people's works, giving them as one's own. " From the legal point of view, it is an infringement of copyright on an artistic or intellectual work of any kind, which is incurred when a foreign work is presented as its own or original ”.

How to make an appointment in steemit you only have to place this symbol (>) before the text that you copied from another person that indicates that it is not yours, if it is textual put it in italics and to corroborate the content the source that in steemit is [source] (paste the link where you looked for the information) and thus you make sure to respect the intellectual content of third parties and it must also be between "" quote


Plagiarism in steemit will result in disqualification and loss of reputation and credibility and eventually silence the publications. Plagiarism is seen mostly in any information, whether physical or digital, such as: research, music, art and more.

Me @aliraza5"I have read and understood the Steemit protocol of the Steemit Community and I will try to comply with it to the best of my ability".

I hope it is to your liking and useful for people who still do not handle the information, thank you very much for your support.I hope you know all about plagiarism and also how to escape from this.

Spacial thanks


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