Achievement 1:Introduce Myself

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Hi steemians!


Assalam-O-Alaikum!Everyone, I am good and I hope you are also good.
I am new on this platform.
Here I introduce myself.

About Myself:
Myself @aliya-14, I am 19 years old girl. I am a student of bachelors.
I am from (Eden garden)Faisalabad Pakistan.
Here is is the picture of famous time tower of my city.


I completed my matriculation education from Faisalabad grammar school.
Then, I done my intermediate from Punjab group of collages. I miss my collage life.
Now, I am in 1st year of bachelors in business administration. In future, after bachelors I will done my MBA. I have a dream to become a business women.

I love to draw sketches and I am a very good sketcher. Honestly, when I feel sad or stressed then I make sketches and I feel good.
Sketching is a better way to released stress.
Here is some of my sketches.

Sketching makes me happy.


I also love to click the pictures.I don't have good photography skills, but I can take good pictures. I love to escape the beautiful views of nature in my mobile.
Here is the picture of beautiful nature, beautiful view of murre which I click during my collage trip.

It was a memorable trip.

In my family I have my father, mother, 1 sister and 1 brother. My father is a businessman my mother is a housewife and my brother and sister both are studying. We are living a happy life.

I am not too rich. I live a simple lifestyle.
I live my life according to our religion.

How I Know About steemit:
I know about steemit from my friend. My friend tell me about steemit that this is an amazing platform, where we can show our abilities.
I found it interested and I will give my best.

I hope you guys liked my introduction.
Best wishes for all of you:)

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Hello @aliya-14 welcome to Steemit,

You can contact @vvarishayy directly she will help out if you have any issues and also she will add you to Steemit Pakistan Female Group on Whatsapp and Discord :)

Congratulations on getting successfully verified over Achievement 1 best of luck for next Achievement.

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Ps : i really love the sketch work and i would love to see your sketchwork on Steemit Pakistan but don't forget to add your username at the end of sketch work to proof that its your own :)


@hassanabid thank you so much😊..OK next time...I must add my username on my sketching.

Your post is really good in steemit platform.

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@Ibrahim7869 thank you so much😊 for appreciated me...OK I will join your community👍🏻

Hello dear @aliya-14
you are warmly welcome here in the steemit the social media rewarding platform.

Good to see you here .
You increase in the number of members contributing to the steemit. You are in the right place and safe and sound.

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OK...thank u😊

Welcome, I hope you feel at home and keep working here


Thank you so much😊


urwel dear 😊

Respected sir @hassanabid check my intro post...

Hi, @aliya-14


Your introductory post is amazing. And your sketching talent is superb. I hope you will get success with your effort. Please join our community.

Hi, @aliya-14,

Your post has been supported by @damithudaya from the Steem Greeter Team.


Thank you so much😊