Achievement2 :Basic security on the steemit ||By ashfaq 99

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👋Hello Stemains

I hope you all will be fine and happy. I am very happy that my 1st achievement has been successfuly verified. And now I am going to post achievement2 which is about basic security on steemit.

1. Have you got when all your keys on steemit?

Yes I have. My keys were given to me upon the work of art of my worth. I was well-judged by both my guide and the system to but for the key and store it. I then gave sustentation to their opinion and got when the key. It was only without I was explained that the keys given to me are my way in to my finance on steemit and in my tron ​​small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket, That i decided to get when the keys.

Question2 . Do you have knowledge of each of these key purposes, uses and restrictions?

Each of keys have their separate purposes, uses and we will see them in their separate divisions on page .

Posting key.

The posting key, is the key that grants the user the rights to requite support to on posts 2, comment, make come into existence posts and get ready them as well, go without finance and quiet finance as well. The existence of the posting key keeps inside limits way in to your small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket and other parts of your worth on steemit if of a put at risk let-through secret word. So, the posting key is necessary only for the vital daily activities of the users worth .Active keyThe action-looking key, is the key that grants the user the rights to do increasingly sensitive tasks that requite out with your small folder for keeping money, papers in pocket and other sensitive parts of your worth. It allows the user to get moved from one position to flipside money, power up or power lanugo bills, one who reverted beliefs steem to SBD and SBD to steem requite support to for Witnesses 3, bringing up to the current state the users seen from the side frames, and making a market order.

Owner key.

The owner key, grants the user the rights to transpiration all the other keys of the worth and this makes it the strongest of the keys. It is used to get when all other keys if of put at risk keys. This key should be kept very private and in an off-line placing, like written in a book / journal.

Memo key.

The memo key, statement key, grants the user the rights to encrypt / decrypt notes, statements when making shit of merchantry. It is used only for notes, statements in worth shit of merchantry .

Master password.

The senior let-through secret word, gives the user the right and make use of to redo all the keys including the owner key, so, it should be stored with greatest , highest things washed-up to alimony off danger. It is used only in worth getting loss when.

Question question 3. How do you map to alimony your senior password?

My senior let-through secret word, has been kept very safely in variegated unscratched places which include: Screenshots are stored in my on-line private road .Written lanugo in my journalThe pdf 4 text record with all my keys are stored on an usb private road.

Viewing output picture are stored in my on-line private road.

Written down in my journal.

The pdf file with all my keys are stored on an usb private road .

Question no :4 Do you how to transfer steem to another account steem user?



Question no : 5 Do you know how to power up at your steem account?

We will Click on option power up, next there will be an option of power up for conform by clicking at this power will be up.



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Hi and this is @arrowgate from greeters team. I am happily announcing that you have successfully completed your this achievement.
Now I'll suggest you to complete your next achievement task given by @cryptokannon.
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Hi, @ashfaq99,

Your post has been supported by @vvarishayy from the Steem Greeter Team.