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Hello Stemains

Pleased to be meeting you Stemains! pleased to be meeting you everyone on this steemit plat form. sign of being taken well to my post 1 which has name good things done 3. I have passed first 2 good things done. So I have knowledge of to pass the 3rd one to this new commerce group. Today we are going to have a discussion about secret copying including what is secret copying, types of secret copying and how we can keep safe from secret copying.

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What is secret copying?

The current day idea of ​​secret copying as with no sense of shame and power to have in mind that up new things as any give out merged in types of secret copying do not make up Copyright 2 rule _braking, which is formed by copy right law and may be judged by courts. simply we can say that secret copying is to secret copying is taken into account as a breaking of high level teaching person and expert got mixed together an over rule about-newspapers Ethics 3. It is talked about Sanctions 4 as punishments, suspensions, pushing out from schooler work, sabstantialfines and even in carceration. lately cases of (far and away secret copying) have been taken in to the organization for higher education. Students who move to the United States and in other most westerly countries where secret copying is not made unhappy look upon after discovering the change hard.

Sorts of secret copying.

1: oneseld secret copying
2: checker secret copying
3:accurately secret copying


There are 2 ways:

If your name takes up more than four sorted into group lines, you can use part words taken from. Solid mass words taken from indented from the main body of the page. You can put words taken from marks around a group of words making up a statement in the teaching book.

How to put a stop to secret copying?

Use secret copying checker before you take orders (from) give a short account of. Tres put into three words. Use the Author 5 general presentation of ideas but restart them in your own words.

1:Tres use ternition.
2: Tres use a given statement power producing machine.
3:Take an idea and make from thin liquid into thick putting it in your own words.
Take words or ideas from the starting point and get mixed together them directly in your own writing then it will seem like hand sorted into groups. Keep record of past moving of the starting points you give expert opinion in your own operation to making observations. put into other words or name from your starting point (and make an addition your own ideas)


I have learned many things about steemit I will really try to spread and share these things with all my friends.

Special mention


Thanks to all of you for visiting my post and for giving support 😊.

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