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My last day at day at college is a memorable day in my life. Whenever I remember this day, my eyes become wet. It is the day when I parted from my dear friends.

The parting from friends was a hurting experience. That day has engrossed in my memory and I cannot forget it. My stay at college and the period I spent there is a valuable one in my life. This glorious period had to come to an end one day. And that day is April 27, 2019.
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My last day at college is still present in the core of my memory. It was a day of excitement and emotions. We, the students of 2nd year were given a farewell party by our juniors, the students of 1st year. It was never so that I leave for college in time. But that day, I broke the record and reached the college on time. The teaching sessions were paused for that special day to say us goodbye.
I reached the college and met my beloved friends who were now ready to be separated. I had a slight talk with each of them and then we took nice photos of various portions of our college.

I took some photos of the library, my classroom, canteen and Computer lab. All these things and everything of my college fascinated me on that day. I had strange feelings on that day; it was neither joy nor sadness.

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Now the stage was ready with a farewell ceremony in our honor. We all reached the venue and had our seats. A boy from our juniors recited the verses of the Holy Quran to give a noble start to the function.

Sir Ahmad Ali was the host. He spoke so well on that day. He is known for his fluent accent and occasion-specific poetry. He is a good orator. That day, he surprised us by singing to us his own poems.

A sequence of performances from various participants came to an end and our principal, a great scholar, was invited to the stage to deliver last speech to us.

We were anxious and were eagerly waiting for the principal to speak. He made a splendid speech which not only made us burst into tears but also filled us with motivation and spirit

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