My presentation at steemit ||By ashfaq 99:

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My Introduction

Assalam o alaikum. I hope you all will be fine and happy with the grace of Allah Almighty ❤️ . Its my first introductionary post at steemit platform. My name is ashfaq. I am from Pakistan. I belong to a very nice family 👪. There are many members in my family. My nik name is shaki often peoples called me shaki by my nik name.

My education

I have passed matric by a government high school. And I. Com by post graduation college okara And now I am going to take admission in BS izoology from agriculture University of faislabad.

Why I am here

1:I do not much about cryptocurruncy and bitcoin and their importance I want to know about these it's my basic purpose to came here.

2: And I have listened that after working here we can get job easily in any business department because here are many keys which are related to MS word and MS excel.

3: I will be able to fullfil my expenditures little bit.

My hobbies

I have many hobbies but farming is my favourite one. I have many animals cows, buffalos, i also grow some crops for them. Except it I listen many songs at my mobile phone. I also like to read newspapers daily. Sometimes I play games like ludo and tennis with my friends.

My future plannings

I want to become a successful person so I am doing very hardworking for this. After my studies I will in assistant manger in agriculture department. I will also made my own big diary farm for the animals.

How I know about steemit

Here is my friend @aamerasghar1 he tell me firat about the steemit and cryptocurruncy that steemit is a great social media platform. Here we can get knowledge of many types. Here we can talk with foreign country peoples. I am really thankful to my friend @aamerasghar1 for telling me the such an amazing platform @Steemit.

Special mention


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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
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Hi @ashfaq99,

Welcome to steemit.

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Hi, @ashfaq99,

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Welcome friend. I'm also new. I would like to be your friend. Let's soar together on Steemit.


Yes offcorse bro, why not

Helloo @ashfaq99, I would like to welcome you to the great platform of Steemit. I hope you can enjoy being here, and that you can make many new friends. This platform is excellent for interaction, for participating in contests, and for being part of great dynamics.

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Steeming Community
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