Achievement 6 Task by @asibi: Understanding Curation and Community

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Hello guys,

Finally I am bringing you my achievement 6, which is all about my understanding on curation and community. I believe this task will enlighten me more on the community, rewards and the administrative structure of the steem blockchain, to demonstrate my understanding on this final achievement task, I will attempt on the following headings.

Do you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?

Voting is of two types on the steem blockchain, we have the upvotes and also the down vote. Upvotes shows approval and interest on a post or content, whereas a down vote on a post or content could mean disapproval of content or rewards distribution. The amount of a vote on a content depends on the steem power of the voter, an account with at most 499SP has a default voting weight of 100% and an account with at least 500SP, the voting weight lies in the discretion of the voter by using an adjustable slider. An account with higher steem power has much voting influence on a post, and the number of times you can vote depends on your voting mana. Each vote reduces the voting mana by 2% and the lesser the Mana the lesser the amount of vote on a post, the voting mana is like an energy bar which recharges up to 20% within 24 hours.

Curation have to do with how contents are voted and the distribution of rewards between content creators and curators, in the allocation of rewards on a content, 50% goes to the author and the remaining 50% goes to the voters or curators. This is much dependent on the steem power of curators, and a higher steem power get a higher curation rewards.

What happened if you vote a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?

As stated earlier, 50% of the curation rewards goes to the curators. Out of the 50% of curation rewards, a curator will receive less than 100% if the post is voted within the first 5 minutes and the 50% curation rewards is split between curators during the first 5 minutes determine using the time the vote is casted and is demonstrated below.

  • 100% of the curation rewards will remain in the reward pool if the post is voted the moment is it being posted.
  • 80% of the rewards remain in the reward pool and 20% to curators at 1minute.
  • 60% of the reward remains in the reward pool and 40% to curators at 2 minutes.
  • 40% to reward pool and 60% to curators at 4 minutes.
  • 20% to reward pool and 80% to curators at 5 minutes.
  • 100% rewards goes to the curator at 5 minutes or later.

  • Who will you vote for Steem Witness and Why?

    I will vote for @steemchiller and @justyy, this is because of their immense contribution to the steem blockchain. @steemchiller developed the tool which is mostly used to track the performance of an account and also exploring the activities of on the blockchain. @justyy developed the tool and it is mostly use for the transactions activities of an account using its tool feature. Voting for witnesses can be easily done using the

    Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?

    Currently, I have joined four communities, the #steem-ghana community because am from Ghana and would want to socialize and interact with Ghanaians on the steem blockchain. I have also joined the cryto academy community because I want to learn about the crypto currency world. I am looking forward to joining more communities as I develop interest in them.

    I will like to conclude by extending my regards to @cryptokannon and @yohan2on, I will also thank @ngoenyi and @bright-obias. I have really enjoyed doing all my achievement tasks 😊.


    Thank you

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    Thank you dear 😊.

    Thanks for completing Achievement 6: Understanding curation and the community feature. Congratulations in completing all the achievement tasks of the Newcomers' program. Kindly create an article compiling all the achievement tasks from 1-6.

    Curation Rate 3

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