Achievement 3 by @awais253545Task : Content Etiquette

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What is Plagiarism ?

Plagiarism is the representation of someone's work such as story , language , ideas , thoughts , expressions , writing , drawing etc as your own original work.

In other words you can say its cheating with original owner of the content and you use others material to gain vote or anything else according to your mind.

Types of Plagiarism

Complete Plagiarism
Source-based plagiarism
Direct plagiarism
Self plagiarism
Parapharasing Plagiarism
Mosaic Plagiarism
Accidental Plagiarism

Above wriiten are the main types of Plagiarism which you need to keep in mind while writing or creating a content on steemit community.

Now i will describe a little about types of Plagiariam i mentioned above.

Complete Plagiarism

It is the severe case in which a person gets someone else content and post it as his/her own content.
Its same like stealing someone material and this is equal to the case of theft.

Source-based Plagiarism

In this type of plagiarism person upload wrong source with the content and do illusion with reader or anyother audience.

Direct Plagiarism

In this plagiarism writer takes all the information or content from other person word to word and upload or share as his/her own material. Even original writer eliminates few words or lines from original content. But the cheater uses the eliminated content too.

Self Plagiarism

Self plagiarism is the type of plagiarism in which writer shows his/her previous work as brand new work and capture attention.
How to use Citation

Parapharasing Plagiarism

This is the type of plagiarism in which you read someone phrase and then do a little bit alteration and post as your own content or phrase or story.

Mosaic Plagiarism

In this type of plagiarism student uses phrases of a writer without using quotations and upload as his/her original post.

Accidental Plagiarism

This is the type when a person forgets to cite his/her sources and mistakenly upload content.

Thats all are the classification or types of plagiarism.

You can use some one content also but if you provide source to your content then there is no plagiarism as per rule. So no need to worry about plagiarism if you use someone's else material just provide source with the content.

For Example
I am using quote to post from internet so i will provide source or link to the quote so i can avoid plagiarism and in this way i will not demolish someone's right.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.- John Ray source

"I have read out and understand the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them"

The main thing you should know that plagiarism is not allowed and it is something that is frowned upon both in steemit and real life coz in this case you are stealing someone data and other person can report against you.
You can post using source and reference in this way you will respect other's data.


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Thank u so much dear

Please put this remark i have read and understood the etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them.
Then let me know so i can verify.


Sir i have added that quotation already you can check it again i upload screenshot
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Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 3 post. Now you are eligible for performing your achievement 4 which is about the applying markdown. You can refer this post for your next task.