Achievement 2 @blarkfavor | Task : Basic Security on Steem

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Hello everyone, I am happy to bring to you this day my Achievement 2 which entails; Basic security in Steemit.

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1. Have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?


Yes, I have retrieved all my keys for Steemit by downloading the PDF files that contains all the keys which is used to plays different role in Steemit. Immediately I registered with Steemit, I tried to log in which I was asked to input my master password to download all other keys, which I did and it was successful. Without retrieving those keys I wouldn't be able to make this post because I will have to use my posting key to login to make a post, the posting key is one of the keys in the PDF files I downloaded.

2. Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?




This is the key or password that is gotten while signing up with Steemit. This key is used to download/generate every other keys as soon as you complete signing up with Steemit, the keys generated by this master key are

  • Posting key
  • Owner key
  • Active key
  • Memo key

The master key gives the user complete ownership of his account which gives the user the right and power to carry our various functions with the help of the keys generated by the master password.

The matter key is used to change password when a user feels that his amount has been compromised by third party.

The master key password can not be replaced if misplaced, so if you lose your master password, you totally lose your account and the assets in it.


Posting key is a password that allows users associate and interact with others in steemit. This key allow users to make a posts, comment, vote, resteem a post, edit a post and this key allows users to mute, unmute, follow and unfollow other users in Steemit community.


The owner key is the most powerful key as it can be used to recover a compromised account and it can be used to change the key of an account. This key is only used when necessary and it's best to store this key offline by printing or writing it down and keep it in a safe place incase of accident.


This key is used to hide and unhide memo when performing transaction. I think this key helps give privacy to users on how, where and who they transfer their asset. To hide a memo, all you should do it input a pound/# sign before it.


The active key is used to our perform an interesting functions like voting for users, transferring of token to another user or to other crypto wallet, converting Steem Backed Dollar to Steem and converting back Steem to Steem Backed Dollar again, powering up Steem and powering Down of Steem, placing market order and updating profile.

Every key in Steemit have their unique role to play in the Steemit ecosystem.

3. How do you plan to keep your master password?


As I successfully registered with Steemit, I wrote down my master key in my private diary and also I stored the PDF file that contains all my steemit password in my flash drive and I printed the hard copy for myself which I keep where I normally keep my school documents.

4. Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?


Yes, i will show how I can successfully transfer token to another user through the following steps as shown below:


I logged in my Steem wallet using my active key, I clicked on my Steem balance which is "0.001" as shown in the screenshot below


After clicking on my Steem balance, it displayed transfer, transfer to savings, power up, market. I clicked on "transfer" as shown in the screenshot below


I input my transfer details which is the username of the receiver which I labeled (1), the amount of token which I want to send to the receiver which I labeled (2) and the memo which is optional which I labeled (3). I clicked on "Next" icon displayed below


The outcome of the step 3 took me to a page where I am to confirm the transaction by clicking on "Ok" to complete the transaction.

5. Do you know how to power up your STEEM?


Powering up is a way of investing in Steemit by freezing the token so that the user can have influenced in the Steemit ecosystem in respect to voting, commenting, and posting. To power up, this requires the following steps below;


I logged in my Steem wallet using my active key, I clicked on my Steem balance which is "0.001" as shown in the screenshot below.


After clicking on my Steem balance, it displayed transfer, transfer to savings, power up, market. I clicked on "Power Up", as shown in the screenshot below.


I input the amount of Steem I intend powering up and click on "Power up", icon displayed below.


After I clicked on **Power up** I was taken to the next page which requires me to confirm the transaction by clicking "Ok"

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Thank you everyone for reading through my Achievement 2 post which takes about; Basic Security in Steemit.
Special thanks to @cryptokannon for your achievement 2 mentorship that had helped me to carry out this task.

This is my Achievements 1

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