My Donation At Village Called Gariba


Hello Steemit communities, my greetings to you all.

This is my happy moment I want to share with you. We always need to help many people who are suffering especially those living at remote areas. Today I went to Garliba to donate some few items to some children from day 1 to 2 years.

This is some of the things I would like to help. Watch my video for my donation

Thanks for all who join me @confidencebatv.

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That is great to see you making free will donation to this deprive community more especially the vulnerable people, age 1 to 2. God richly blessed you. I believe the entire steemit community would be happy to connect with you on this capacity to help raise the charity foundation. I never knew there was such project you Guys are embarking on. Thanks a lot. 😀🙏

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