Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch September 2021

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In this post, we would like to showcase a list of newcomers that have completed all their achievements tasks and received Pro Newcomer Verified title at the Newcomers Community.
We also announce 5 Pro Newcomers that will receive 1 month of 1000SP delegation for their activities and engagements on Steemit.

A total of 355 Newcomers have completed their Newcomers Achievement Program.

The previous batch graduation post is here Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch August 2021

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
310@faithtLast Task for Newcomers Achievement Program :Cameroon
311@leonardo20Publicación de tareas de compilación de logros por @leonardo20Venezuela
312@hamza212Compilation of Achievements (1 to 6) by @hamza212Pakistan
313@cinnymartinsCompilation of Achievement 1-6 tasks by @cinnymartinsNigeria
314@john24Compilación de Logros 1-6 / @john24Venezuela
315@timgraceCOMPILATION OF ACHIEVEMENT TASKS 1 – 6 by @timgraceNigeria
316@hazmatLIST OF ACHIEVEMENT 1-6 BY @hazmatNigeria
317@rapharchickCOMPILATION OF ACHIEVEMENT 1-6 by @rapharchickCameroon
318@tamightyCompilation for my Achievement Posts 1 - 6 by @tamighty.Nigeria
319@hmorillo2021Compilation of achievements 1-6 that I have completed by @hmorillo2021Venezuela
320@juliandiazRECOPILACIÓN DE TODOS LOS LOGROS DESDE EL LOGRO 1 HASTA EL LOGRO 6 by @juliandiaz 17/09/2021Venezuela
321@jcornerKompilasi pencapaian 1-6 yang sudah saya selesaikan oleh @jcornerIndonesia
322@aril.hatakeKompilasi pencapaian 1-6 yang sudah saya selesaikan oleh @aril.hatakeIndonesia
323@direct1Başarı Görevlerinin Derlenmesi @direct1Turkey
324@noraandyList of Achievements Tasks 1-6 completed by @noraandyNigeria
325@amicablepeaceCOMPILATION OF ACHIEVEMENT TASK POST BY@amicablepeaceNigeria
326@yusnaidiCompilation of achievements 1-6 that I have completed by @yusnaidiIndonesia
327@direct2Başarı Görevlerinin Derlenmesi @direct2Turkey
328@fikar22Compilation of achievements 1-6 that I have completed by @fikar22Indonesia
329@akmal1Compilation of achievements 1-6 that I have completed by @akmal1Indonesia
330@muksalm99Tinjauan Post : Review Achievement 1 Sampai Achievement 6 By @muksalm99Indonesia
331@alihussain07Completion of Achievement tasks Post by @alihussain07Pakistan
332@gleizer10Compilación de Logros 1-6 / @gleizer10Venezuela
333@zohaibiqbalCompilation of Achievements Task 1 to 6 by @zohaibiqbalPakistan
334@usmanali1Compilation of Achievement task 1 to 6 by @usmanali1Pakistan
335@vramosCompilación de Logros 1-6 / @vramosVenezuela
336@uche4godCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @uche4godNigeria
338@aridhaauliyaKompilasi Postingan Tugas Pencapaian oleh @aridhaauliyaIndonesia
339@sonofremiCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @sonofremiNigeria
340@mondrayeCompilation of achievement's task by @MondrayeNigeria
341@caterinesoliMy task compilation / para optar por los 500SP minnowsupport - por: @caterinesoliVenezuela
342@eulamer123Compilación de tareas del programa de "Logros 1-6" / @eulamer123Venezuela
343@mercedesoliMy task compilation ✨ para optar por los 500SP minnowsupport - por: @mercedesoliVenezuela
344@ashkhanCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @ashkhanPakistan
345@nova001Compilation of achievements Task @nova001Nigeria
346@sachin08Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @sachin08India
347@aryadwigantaraKompilasi Postingan Tugas Pencapaian oleh @aryadwigantaraIndonesia
348@theoxlCompilation of Achievement Tasks by @theoxlTurkey
349@hisgeneralCompilation of Achievements' Task Post By @hisgeneralNigeria
350@ronielortizvzlaCompilation of Achievements 6' Task Post by @RonielOrtizVzlaVenezuela
351@rizkiblangpadangKompilasi Postingan Tugas Pencapaian By @rizkiblangpadangIndonesia
352@lunasilverCompilation of Achievements' Task Post By @LunasilverVenezuela
353@awuduabangibaCompilation of achievement by @awuduabangibaGhana
354@zzzinnnCompilation of my achievement tasks by @zzzinnnGhana
355@venonCompilation of Achievement Task Posts by @venonNigeria

These users will receive the 1000SP delegation until next month of November

We hope more of you will be completing your achievements tasks, being active, and being helpful in the Newcomers' Community for a chance to receive the 1000SP delegation.

Steem On!

Steem Greeters Team.

p/s: please let us know if we somehow missed your name on this list of Pro Newcomer Verified.

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I appreciate your help for newcomers
A motivational touch really 😊👍

Hola @Cryptokannon

Yo siguen esperando que verifiquen mi tercer logro para poder avanzar

Por favor alguien me puede ayudar, saludos

Can anybody follow me and i follow you back i dont have any followers hehehe please consider me as your friend.. thank you stay healthy guys.

Check on my profile

Sangat termotivasi apalagi buat pendatang baru

Hola @cryptokannon..!! saludos.. Y Felicidades a los graduando, por haber completado sus logros. Exito!
Aprovecho la ocasion para solicitar me sea verificado mi Logro 3; por aca dejo el enlace: AQUI mi logro 3

Estoy en espera para continuar con el Logro 4, ya que desconozco si puedo continuar sin que me hayan verificado el anterior. Gracias de antemano.! Atte. @menaerim

Hello @cryptokannon, i am still yet to have my Achievement 1 post verified.

Achievement 1 || Introducing @sage.lee to the Steemit blockchain || My introduction

Please kindly do justice to it.

Congratulations to all!!

Please verify my achievement 1 that will be your most kindness upon me
**Achievement (1) Introduction by Suhail Ur Rehman
Please please

How do I make my first achievement?

Please verify my achievement 1

Please can I apply as a greeter and how please

Is it applicable to everyone?

Goodluck ☺😊

I don't no why my achievement 2 post is not verified
Please check this @cryptokannon
Achievement 2 @deepak94 Task : Basic Security 🔐on Steem

Hello cryptokannon,

My great greetings and my desired appreciation on your undieing effort and work in the steemit communities expecially the steemit newcomers community,i have made some research and have made a post to encourage the newbies and all who has loose interests in steemit,however i felt i should inform you before i make the post via the newcomers community since is newcomers related,though i have posted it in two groups,but i am not doing it to source upvote it just because i need more persons to see it.
Hers the post link once approved i will make the post here straight away.

Please this is actually my third time of posting this achievement5.2 task without it been verified.

Please help me verify my achievement 5 Task1 post

It got expired and I had to delete and make a new post and it’s days gone already

Buenas noches, quiero comenzar, he buscado informacion y leido varios articulos pero aun no logro encontrar donde hacer los logros para principiantes, de igual forma quisiera saber como puede obtener SP y asi poder hacer los cursos para principiantes

Congratulations everyone! I hope to be joining you all shortly!


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Mohon dibantu untuk verifikasi tugas 2 saya

@cryptokannon buen día tengo 3 días en espera de aprobación de mi logro 5 consigna 1 y aún no ha sido aprobado ni votado por ningún curador y tampoco se si es que está mal redactado o debo colocar algo más dejare mi link por acá agradecería si podrían revisarlo por favor
Logro 5 consigna 1 por @helios36: Reseña

Hello @Cryptokannon, please take a look at my achievement5 task4 HERE. Its getting more and more difficult getting greeters and curators attention.

notice me, i'm new! follow me and i follow you also.

it's my first-time here! someday maybe soon my name put on the list in God's name.

Thanks you cryptokannon because my name mention

Hi, what are tasks? Anyone help me in this regards?? How to get powers?? Fist what I do? Need your support...Thanks in advance for reading my comment..

I have arrived at task 5 @cryptokannon

hola, quisiera saber cual es el orden de los logros por ahora yo ya tengo el logro 1 ya verificado. gracias a esta publicacion me di cuenta q hay q aprobar 6 logros. te agradeceria mucho tu gran ayuda

Please madam verify my achievement 1 post

I've posted it 15 days ago but i couldn't get any response from you.please madam check it🙏🙏

please check my assignment, it's been very long please help sir, thank you.

achievement5 task2

Hello @cryptokannon
I have written my Achievement 5 task 1 twice and at both time it missed review and assessment from a moderator in the community. This has stagnated my progress to further achievements.

Here is the link to an active post of my Achievement5 task 1:

I'll appreciate if action can be taken on this. Thank you.

Very good efforts!

Saludos @cryptokannon quería saber si puedes ayudar a verificar mi logro 2 para poder seguir completándolos por favor!


Hello mam @cryptokanon
I have done my next Task Achievement 5.1 but
Unfortunately it is unverified and going to expire
Please mam verify
Here is link 👇👇👇

I appreciate what you're doing for new comers; it's a winderful way of encouraging them and I appreciate it sincerely.

Hello @crytokannon you missed my name here is my link to my achievement 1-6 task

congratulations to them
please my post is going to expire soon support it and verify it.

Kindly give me new here

Have you any any system where i can communicate to you? If there have any way please give me that link..

Hi @cryptokannon, I am done with my achievement posts since weeks now. However, I can't continue in the cryptoacademy Community to take part in the Beginner's introductory courses because I don't have enough steempower. Kindly help me please🙏🏾

Felicidades a todos


Hola @cryptokannon !, mi logro 5-1 no fue votado, agradezco mucho su ayuda

muchas gracias :)

Hi there, Could you tell me how to earn money on Steemit platform? Thank you

Congratulations to you all

Hello @cryptokannon, i don't know how free you are but can you take a moment to go through my post
Achievement 3 by @sage.lee Task : Content Etiquette as it is yet to be verified.

Thanks as you do so.

Very good work

Impeccable job🙏

Wow that's good

Hello @cryptokannon plz tell me about my tasks and resources i complete 2 achievements and after this i post my 3 achievement before 1 week but no anyone can responce me so plz help me thankyou

Please I'm new also But I done understand anything😪😪 please help


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Congratulations to the newcomers.
Im a new user here, i just joined yesterday and and seriously trying to find my around here, trying not to get lost.
I don't mind getting help, i see you are an admin here.
I dont the right community to post in, i have my introduction podt ready but dont know where to post it.

Thanks I Appreciate

I have reposted my achievement several times but did not get any response. Please do needful.

i am confused, i need achievements? do i post more to dtube? i am a renewcomer, i had been away for a while...

ACHIEVEMENT 1 POST BY @Shedrackmaiyayi

Please review and verify my achievement 1 post

Hi! Please verify my achievement 1. Thank you and congratulations to those who have graduated.

Hey! @cryptokannon you work hard keep it up ;)

@cryptokannon I want to thank you for all the good work you do. Please I want to bring to your notice that most of the Achievement ! Post of some of the people I signed up were not verified and supported and they have expired, its disheartening to us. Please help out. Thanks.

Thank you so much.

Dear @cryptokannon
I posted my Achievement 1, for 3 days now it's hasn't been verified
Link to my Achievement 1

Saludos, gracias por visitar mi blog LOGRO5

Please 🙏 my achievement 2 have not been verified for days now. I have done what I was told to do but haven't been verified.
Here is the link

Please help me

Thanks for the information, I hope to be on that list very soon!

Here is my achievement 01 task.

Please varified me.

Buenas noche o madrugada jejeje aca dejo esto esperando por verificación bendiciones y Dios les Bendiga

Achivement5 -consigna2 por @strangs manejo de la herramienta Steemscan

Hola estoy a la espera de la verificación de mi logro 1 para seguir
Con los demás logro y seguir creciendo con ustedes muchas gracias

Hello, is anyone willing to check my achievements, it's been almost 1 month after I finished working on Achievements 2-4 no one has checked them yet.

I've asked the greeter helper from my country to check it but so far no one has checked it.

I hope someone will check it if there is an error please correct it so I can fix it.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi there, My dear @cryptokannon. I just finished my first task to get verification for achievement 1. its already 3 days now and i still did'nt get any greeter coming to my task to check my writing. Wish you had a good time to check my task. thank you, Kannon!

I have done my achievements 1 but it has not been verified and it's remaining few days for the payout please I need your help

Hi my acivements are not verify. Help me for that

I appreciate the work you are doing here in newcomers Community

Please kindly help me to verifry my achievement 5 task 1 here is the link Achievement 5 task 1

@cryptokannon @ngoenyi @wilmer1988 @graceleon @sumit71426

I have written my achievement 2 but i have not been verified