Achievement 1: My Introduction Post to Steemit


Hi everyone, I'm Daniel Tetteh. I'm a Ghanaian of age 20. I live in Accra the capital of Ghana. I'm in my second year studying Bsc. Actuarial Science at the University for Development Studies. I've heard a lot about crypto currency but I haven't really gotten the interest up until now. @njaywan told me I wouldn't regret putting up interest in crypto currency and so I decided to check it out.
I'm a drummer, I'm into music also. I love music a lot especially musical instruments. I love businesses also. Like everyone I want to be rich and starting the right business would make that a reality. I'm looking forward to seeing posts related to music and business strategies. I don't really have dislikes. I'm okay with almost everything. As a drummer I can share my experiences and teach others through the posts I'll be creating. I'd love to show my talents and entertain people also.
Thanks to @cryptokannon for the guide and to @njaywan for introducing me to steemit. I hope I'm able to share my experiences in music and also learn from others also.

#cryptokannon #njaywan #introduceyourself #achievement1

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Thank you also

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Hello @danielo109 i'm glad you made it to steem blockchain. Welcome! On like other social media platforms you know but the difference is that steemit pays you for your original content that you create. So welcome once again

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Thanks bro

Welcome to steemit bro

Welcome to the steemit bro !


Thanks bro

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@danielo109 welcome nice introduction I'm glad you're here I'm sure you will make much impact around here, feel free to express yourself and share amazing experience we're here for each other ❤️