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What is Plagiarism

After reading the article "The complete Steemit ettiquette guide"

And carrying out some research i was made to understand what Plagiarism is all about espiecially on #Steemit. Too bad, i have fallen short on that as well as i did ignorantly, but now, i can say i am well aware of it and the consequenses as i will be taking precautions against that. Plagiarism is just the reproducing of other peoples content mainly in the act of copy and pasting without the knowledge of the individual or maybe without showing where you took it from. In more vivid explanation, i will site out the definition for better understanding.

"Plagiarism is the representation of another authors language, thoughts, or expressions as ones original work"

Types of Plagiarism

Self plagiarism is carried out when you copy/paste an article or writeup which was done by you already.
I personally have seen this, and fallen for this particular for the achievement task, when it is not validate and you have to Re-do it come. We often tempted to just copy and paste again.

I consider this as the main type of plagiarism, as it is the delibrate copying and pasting of another persons writeup without their prior knowlegde, and showing link up to the original writeup.

This type of plagiarism i will is the delibrate copying and pasting of someone else's writeup, but forgetting to provide a link to the original writeup. I will say this one actually most common.

Mosaic plagiarism, is a type of plagiarism where the accused fails to put the copied works in quotes, indicating its a borrowed sentence, or fails to show its a borrowed content.

Details on Plagiarism

It is evident enough at that point in time that plagiarism should be avoided at all cost, add this gives less credit to your lost on #Steemit, especially when your followers find out most of your content are being copied from others, as well as those you copied from.

Other Ettiquettes to Consider on #Steemit

Besides plagiarism, other ettiquettes which should be handled with care on steemit include:

Note begging for votes : most at times, espiecially the new users, we seek for votes in manners in which we cross bounderies, by trying to bride, begging whales for votes which creates discomfort on Steemit, that should really be avoided

Over Posting : A lot of post will cause your followers to loose value in your content as well as resteeming

Upvote and Comment on other post : Most often, we just post and run and forget upvoting other posts while expecting ours to be. We should spend time of #Steemit, and give value to other post, and even if flagging a post, give your reason in the content section.

Drawbacks of Plagiarism

  • It damages your reputation, especially as a professional author. And might drive out business and people away from you when compromised.

  • In much more serious cases, the offence can be followed using legal proceedings especially in copy righted materials.

  • In cases where compromised, one might end up loosing finances espiecially for copy righted materials.

In that order, i will say one should avoid copy/paste materials, and try bringing out original contents, in such cases, always cite a link from your source

"I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them"

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