Achievement 5 Task 1 by @ferozahmed / Review

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Hello, dear steemians. I have completed achievements 1-4. Today I am going to complete my Achievement 5 which is based on built by @steemchiller.

All your Steemit account information contains in It helps you to track your account activity, transaction, and information of Steemit account.


Home Page

At first, you have to sign in with your private posting key. For this, click on Sign in located in the right up corner. Then you will get a pop-up window that asks you to enter the username & key.


✯Voting power✯

The circle at the top left side of the website contains voting power & it tells you about your power of vote at different voting percentages. It depends on your sp.


✯Voting amount✯

The voting amount is based on the steem power(SP). More your SP, more your vote amount. I don't have enough SP because I'm a new user. And so that, I don't have any voting amount. You can see your vote amount at different vote percentages here.

✯Steem links✯


✯Account tabs✯


  1. Balances
    3.Account details
    4.Balances Details
  2. Delegations
  3. Mentions
  4. Orders
  5. Market info
  6. System info
  7. Settings


Stats gives an overview of an account. It shows steem power (sp), voting power, vote amount, RC status, post count, vote counts, followers, and others. It also shows Rewards & Recent summary under the stats.



Delegation is like lending. By lending your steem power you can delegate SP. You can take back Steem power whenever you want. So, it's 100% safe. you can delegate from here.


✯Account operations✯

The account operation section shows our account activity which includes votes, curation rewards, comments, author rewards, edited posts, and comments. In short, it keeps all the information related to your account. You can check your account activity for the past 7 days or a week. It includes incoming and outgoing votes, so you can see where you voted and from where you got votes.


Incoming vote


Outgoing vote



It shows the active posts that haven't reached the payout period of 7 days. By clicking on any of the posts you can see the content, votes, and images. You can see the previous posts that have been reached payout period of 7 days already.


✯Coming rewards✯

It shows about coming author and curation rewards of your posts that haven't reached the payout period



There are several options such as Witness overview which helps to see steem witness list, Block explorer, Delegation history, Account creator, recovery, Change password, Manual vote, Abuse finder, and many others


Thanks to @cryptokannon

Thanks all for reading my post

Best Regards


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