Achievement 5 Task 2 by @ferozahmed : Review

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Hello, dear steemians. I am @ferozahmed . I have completed achievements 5.1. Today I'm writing achievement 5.2 which is based on review steemscan

steemscan Home page

Steemscan is the most ergonomic and beautifully designed blockchain explorer. It is the fastest one if you need to get your money out, to trade, to place order, to convert.It could be in BTC or TRX or USDT. Any could transfer money from steem wallet to another digital wallet.
steemscan websites has seven Navbar items. These are

  • Home
  • Witnesses
  • DApps
  • Dev tools
  • Quick convert
  • Search
  • Steem Engine

Latest Prices and Volumes

Left side Chart is showing STEEM Price. Now 1 STEEM = 0.44$
Right side is showing STEEM Volume. Now STEEM volume is 20,000.00$

Latest Transactions and Blocks

This Chart is showing all the transactions that happened in the Steemit blockchain which includes votes, comments, transfer, market and claim rewards, etc.

This Chart is showing all the transactions made and the ID, Heights, and Block transactions.


This Chart is showing all the active witnesses with their rank, status and version, price feed, and reg Fees. You can also vote from here by stem login.


It features various dapps which the user can quickly access and take advantage of them. Three other sections are coming soon. They are Daily Active Users, Daily Transactions, Daily USD Volume

Quick convert

In this quick convert section, you can convert steem into different cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, TRX. It will cost a small amount for transactions. 1st you have to enter the amount of steem. Then choose a currency in which you want to convert. After that, enter the withdrawal address where you want your steem to be converted. Then click on the Create Order to place the order & enter your private active key to confirm the order.

This is my post for Achievement 5 Task 2. I'm requesting you to check my task of reviewing

Thank you

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Please explain the current Steem price and volumes on date of submission of this review?

Please explain What all information is shown under latest transactions and latest blocks section?

Please explain What all information is shown under Witnesses section and steps to vote a Witness?

Please explain What is DApps and mention 3 DApps which you have already used or may use in future as per your interest?

Please explain How to use "Quick Convert" and what is the fee charged for different Steem amount for withdrawal?

Please explain what information is provided by the "Search" feature

Please answer all the questions.


please again check my post @boss75

Curators Note :1

Hello @ferozahmed,

Congratulations! You have passed this Achievement You may now proceed to the next achievement task following the article.

For more updates, keep following @steemitblog.

Best Regards!!!

Hi, @ferozahmed,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.