Compilation of Achievements 1-6: Completed by @ferozahmed || 28-06-2021

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Hello Stimians,
Today I am very happy and glad to announce that I have completed all my painful posts on "Newcomer Program". Especially thanks to @cryptokannon who created this excellent program for Newcomer and I am also grateful to @psicoparedes, @boss75, @aniqamashkoor who have verified all my achievement posts.

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In this post, I am compiling all my achievement posts by erecting them. You'll find a hyperlink to all my work below. Let's get started

Achievement 1 Task: Verification through INTRODUCTION

This was my first role post for this great plate from Steamit. To start something from any plate, I think introducing yourself is very helpful and the best idea. Making friends and reacting and voting inspires me to make more effort to make my post better. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY INTRODUCTION POST

Achievement 2 Task: Basic Security on Steem

I create account, the authorities on this platform have given me several keys. When I am disappointed and admit this key . But when I work on my 2nd post, I understand every key job. Click here to view my post

Achievement 3 Task : Content Etiquette

I learnt about an interesting thing to work on in my 3rd Achievement Post which is plagiarism. Streaky is prohibited and punishable in stimit "plagiarism". Click here to view the post Content Etiquette

Achievement 4 Task: Applying Markdown

This achievement work is very easy for me because I am a web developer. This achievement content is applying markdowns based on html code. I really enjoy completing this achievement 4. Click here to view the postApplying Markdowns

Achievement 5 Tasks

🔸Achievement 5 Task 1: Review

For this purpose, I have launched a new steamit-based website, Here, I got to know about the portal and its functioning.
Click here to see post

🔸Achievement 5 Task 2: Review

In this work I got to know about the portal and its features. It is a very resourced portal where we can find all the transactions that happen on the steam of all users.
Click here to see post

🔸Achievement 5 Task 3: Review


I got to know about the portal and its functioning.

Click here to see post

🔸Achievement 5 Task 4: Review

Home page of StemDB account, post, witness, and lab tab. This portal will allow us to review various activities such as recent history, posts, votes, reblogs, answers, awards, data transfers.
Click here to see the post

Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community

This work is also important that we learn about healing and steamit communities. In these works we learn about many functions, prize allocations, prize counting, post-published time value, witnesses and how to vote for them.
Click here to view the post on curation and community understanding

This is the post of my collection of achievements (1 to 6). Thank you for your time

I request you to pay attention to @cryptokannon, @tarpan
Best regards

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Hi, @ferozahmed,

Your post has been supported by @ngoenyi from the Steem Greeter Team.

Hi @forezahmwd, congratulations on your successful completion of all your achievement tasks. I am pleased to inform you that you are now a pro newcomer verified. Thank you for completing all the required task.

Task rate : 3


Thank you so much @ngoenyi

Hola, que buena información de tu post y felicitaciones por alcanzar los logros.


thank you...