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Greetings to everyone in this great community, I am extremely excited to be part of this team, a friend introduce me to this platform which I dnt take it serious till she cash out last month, this makes me to search online about this group where i find out that it's a legitimate platform where you make earnings through posting
About me


My name is Gbenga Emmanuel Omopariola a.k.a Gbengaemma, from Ode-Aye in Okitipupa L.G.A of Ondo state. I was born in the royal family of twelve(12) of which I occupy number eight (8)position in the family and having four(4) siblings. I was born on the 5th of April. I am dark chocolate in complexion, slim and agile.

I wrote my waec the year 2010, got an admission in the year 2013 into Delta State University, Abraka(Delsu) to study Physics and I graduated in the year 2017, now I am a proud physicist, now a teacher and a motivationist,

My matriculation day

My Nysc POP

I and Nysc colleague

My lovely Nysc picture

Carrying out my profession

Me and my students

Apart from being a physicist as an academic profession, I am also a hairstylist, I love this profession alot, taking care of people hair, I love it right from a tender age, that is why i go extra mile in learning it in which I am a professional in it now, I owns a saloon at an outskirts of ikorodu where I carryout my profession, I want to employ it in my business, carrying out my service and if you want, can pay with steem

@gbengaemma attending to a customer

My saloon

I love solving problems relating to arithmetics, as an instrumentalist, I love plucking my hands on my keys on my keyboard (piano), i love it when playing it for God in the church and when playing it myself, I also love football as a Chelsea fans in the English Barclay premier league, I watch them to relax myself, and among all of them, I really love playing Chess game also

Chess game
It's a game of war between two kingdoms, in which each kingdom have to protect themselves from attack, the queen is the most powerful in both kingdom, the king can only move a step at a time, with the other official such as knights, rooks, bishop, and the little soldiers pawns, it's an highly diplomatic game that allow you to think beyond your cognitive domain

I love singing

I also love playing piano
When I made alot of research online about steemit and gotten a lot of information, it's legitimate, waoo, that gives me the courage to join this family, am looking forward to meet the wonderful people of this community to work with them and increase this community to grow in quality and quantity, I also appreciate this lady of virtues @afunkycares for introducing me to this platform, thanks alot, thanks all
This is my introduction post, thanks for reading my write-up

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Thanks alot


Thanks alot


Thanks alot

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Thanks alot for the information, I appreciate


Thanks alot