@Stockphoto:Usefulness of Stonebreaker (phyllanthus niruri)

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Hello steemians,
Am glad to share with you this information about this wonderful plant known as stonebreaker or Gale of wind, quebra pedra, chance Pierre, eyin olobe. It scientific name phyllanthus niruri

What is Stonebreaker (phyllanthus niruri)?
Stonebreaker is a plant that grow in tropical areas or rainforest area, it has thin, leaf covered branches and it can grow upto 2ft(61cm)

The herb from the plant in form of tea, extract, liquid or capsule which helps with cure of various health condition related to digestive system, liver and kidney issues, it contains phytochemicals that increase urine flow, kill harmful bacteria and viruses and relieves inflammation.
Source(https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/chanca-piedra )
According to scientific report, it has effect on various health condition such as:
Kidney stones, stomach ulcer, High blood sugar, gallstones, liver disease(HBV treatment) high blood pressure etc
In one human study case, it shows that improvement in kidney stones, the daily usage was 4.5 grams of either forms of tea, liquid or extract of Stonebreaker for 12wks.
It capsule contains 500-1600mg of the herb per dose.
Side effect and precaution
Some of the reported side effect of phyllanthus include:
-Abdominal pain
-painfull urination
-blood in the urine
-nausea, etc
@admins, stockphoto, thanks for reading through my post, I hope this write up can serve as solution to many people's problems that will read this article. Thanks

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This is so beautiful @gbengaemma .Thanks a lot.Have you tried this remedy personally? If yes what did you gather??


It what we have done, practicalized and get our real fact, have been so effective


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