Achievement 2@Gbengaemma Task: Basic security on steem

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Advanced English Dictionary defined security as the state of being free from danger.
In other words, security is very essential for our being in all ramifications.
Therefore in Steemit community, the need for security is essential in order to protect our valuable asset in the platform and to guide against online hackers, steemit therefore generate a hard password that can not be crammed for each users, and all users are advised to keep their password safe, because account password that is misplaced can not be retrieved. for the purpose of security, Steemit will provide these various keys/passwords for various uses- memo key, posting key, active key, owner key and master key.
Each keys/password, their functions and restrictions;

The memo key is fundamentally used to access any encrypted message privately and also to send any encrypted massages, the pounds/# sign before the key.

The posting key allow access into your personal account, it allow account to post content, comment, edit, vote, resteeming, follow, account mute and deleting, but excessive logging with the key can leads to the account been hacked or compromised.

The active key is used for more sensitive task such as transferring of funds, steem power up and down transaction, witness voting, updating profile details, converting steem dollar and also placing a market order, it should be kept safe.

The owner is a reserved key that can be used to change other keys when the need arouse, it is powerful, it is advisable to save it offline or keep it in a safe place.

The master password is the most powerful and delicate key, it's used to derive all keys for all account, it's advisable to keep this key safe, because if someone gain access to it, your account can be hacked and all the tokens there will be stolen and can never be retrieved

I can keep my master password by logging in into my account, logged into my wallet, then i clicked on my keys and permission, then copy my owner's key, then go to change password and peradventure all my keys for strong security purpose or i can copy it and save it offline or somewhere safe.
How to transfer from my account to another account.

I can also transfer my steem token to another steem users account by using my active key,i logged into my wallet,


I clicked on steem dollar down box icon just beside it, i then clicked on transfer,


then i input the username of the person am transferring to, then i entered the amount i want to transferred, i create a memo and submit, then i confirmed it with my active key.

How i can power up my steem, to power up, click on the drop down box icon, scroll down and choose power up,
then input the amount of steem i want to power up, i then press the power up button below,
in a few seconds, it will show my steem Power increased.
Thank you all for reading through my post, a special thanks to @cryptokannon for creating this strategy for we the newbie to have a basic knowledge on how to use each keys and various application of steem wallet, you are wonderful to us, thanks alot.
@cryptokannon:This is my achievement 2 as a steemian.

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Thank you for completing this achievement. But for you to be verified you need to include the screenshots on how to transfer your token and power up steem.