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About Me

I am Godwill Ndah, Aged 22 and a Cameroonian by nationality, precisely from the North West region (Mbengwi). I presently reside in the west region, Bafoussam to be precised and I'm a Marketer by profession and a Minister of God by calling.


My experience

I don't have any experience with crypto, but I'm willing to learn on this platform.

Hobbies and likes

I particularly find delight in helping people (humanitarian), making fun, inspiring others through the gospel of Christ, I like food and a gospel music lover🥰


I hate the devil, I don't like violence, and people who take others for granted, I don't like stress and stuff which will make me feel angry.
And though I love food, I don't like okra and I can't really tell why.


Since I am in love with humanity, I'll be looking for posts which are aimed at promoting charity, love and peace. In addition to that, I'd be searching for inspirational and gospel oriented posts. As they say being serious without fun is not really fun so I'd be delighted by funny posts. And above all posts which teaches more about crypto.

Here I'll be creating posts primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ, then on my little knowledge of marketing and humanity. With inspirational and motivational posts not left out.

How I found Steemit

I found steemit from a brother, @majerius who gave me multiple reasons why I should join the platform. Particularly stressing on the fact that I'll learn about crypto and how to blog here.


I hope to inspire and to reach out to thousands of believers and unbelievers with the gospel of Christ, to improve more on my social life and also to learn about crypto.


I am very pleased to have joined this educative platform and I look forward to meeting other great minds here.
Thanks for reading, I am expecting your comments.
God bless you, SHALOM.

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Warm welcome man of God. I can’t wait to be reading from your blog soon🤗🤗.

Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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I wish you luck to your steemit activities.

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Welcome to @steemit @godwill123 ..So delighted to have you here. Join many community as you ma wish. Also participate in contests to win beautiful prices.

Welcome to steemit sir, you have an interesting and captivating profile. You have done a good thing to be part of this forum

Welcome to the winning team MOG(man of God) let's steem the souls to Christ!

Welcome to steemcameroon team

Welcome to steemit

Hello wellcom to steemit my bro ,I will be waiting to hear more of your inspiring words from this platform

Waouh at last you're here! Thank God! You're very much welcome here Sir 😎


Thanks my brother. I'm grateful

Welcome bro, it's good to see someone who is out to promote peace especially in these times when it seems far fetched. Am looking forward to your posts

Welcome to Steemit @godwill123,
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