I'm so excited and honoured to be a part of this amazing community. I have heard lots of beautiful things about Steemit, the lovely people, the connection and the cool earning potential for investors and authors on this community. I feel a lot excited. It's really great to be here today for my introduction post.

       GET TO KNOW ME.

My name is Ejiofor Grace Nancy. I'm from Anambra State, Nigeria. I am single and I reside in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. I guess you might have heard about Aba, a City in the Southeast of Nigeria and the Commercial center of Abia State. Aba is renowned for its prowess in trade and manufacturing. A man once said, “if care isn’t taken, a full country could be manufactured in Aba”. Far-fetched as that may sound, I brooded deeper and figured, he could be right. Aba is a centre of entrepreneurship since three prominent markets dominate the region. One of them is the Internationally renowned Ariara market, dubbed "the China of Africa".
Okay, enough of Aba and back to me. I was born on the 15th day of November in the year of the Lord, into a family of six and I'm the last of them. My parents are hard working business people that made sure they brought up their children in a good and godly way.



I obtained a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology and Higher National Diploma in Microbiology, both from Abia State Polytechnic Aba.



I am an entrepreneur, I own a successful business brand called "Gee's Fashion Mall". I was motivated to start up this business because I love fashion and likes money too. I am a skin therapist, I've not started the business yet, but hope to start producing organic skin care products in earnest. I teach and I am a registered network Marketer and I Partner with
LONGRICH, an international manufacturing and marketing company.
Gee's Fashion Mall is basically a Mall that offers you every kind of service, from hairs, to shoes, bags, sneakers, unique clothes, jewelry, accessories, beauty products, cosmetics and so on.
For now, it's still an online business which I run on Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp, but I hope to grow and expand my brand in the nearest future by God's grace.

Here's a few of my products:



I am a counsellor by nature and a singer. I love kids and enjoy giving comfort to people, speaking hope and restoration to the downcast and depressed persons. I enjoy it when I put a smile on people's face by way of encouragement. And you will see many of these counselling words often in subsequent posts.

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I love travelling and socializing with new people and environment of which Steemit community is one good environment to socialize with people..
I'm glad being here and I look forward to meeting all the beautiful people here, make friends, socialize, learn new things and contribute in my own way by time, skill, intellect etc to make Steemit a beautiful and conducive environment to inhabit.


A good friend of mine @talktofaith introduced me to Steemit. Although she has been saying so many beautiful things about Steemit for a while now, but I got to join officially few days back. And here I am today with my introduction post. Thank you so much ma'am @talktofaith for your love, support and patience. I sincerely appreciate.


Thanks a lot for reading through this post.
I love you all and I know you love me too. I also anticipate your support.

@cryptokannon here is my introduction post.

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@graciee20, I'm so happy that you finally made it to your introduction post. Feel free to socialize and explore the goodies here.
Also check out @steemitblog for updates.
You can now proceed to your achievement 2.
This is one of the best decisions you took this yeah.
Congratulations once again.
Best regards from #talktofaith


Thank you so much, Ma'am @talktofaith. I'm so excited to be here and I can't wait to explore the goodies here. I'll do as you've said....

Hello dear friend! Hope you're well! It's a pity that you haven't been walking around #steemit for a few days!

I hope you can come back. It is not just a question that persistence could generate some extra profit, but on this platform there is a beautiful community of people ready to welcome you and help you grow.

In addition, there are many contests that you can have fun with, and communities in which you can participate:

For music, check out Music For Steem 🎵 .

For writing, Writing & Reviews Community.

Steemit Nursery is a community for you, as Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your Steemit journey.

For photography, World of Xpilar hosts many photography contests.

Please follow @steemitblog for the latest update and news on steem and @steemingcurators for Steem Community contest and challenges.

Have a nice day!

The Steemit Team


Yeah @belenguerra. Sorry I was away for awhile, but I'm here now. Thanks for your concern. I will certainly do as you've advised


No problem!! Just let us know if you need anything! We will guide you on the #steemit platform!!

Cc. @cryptokannon

Hi Gracie! Hey... Your birthday is at the same date as my dad 😂How great! Welcome to the Steemit community. You'll have a very splendid experience, I'm sure. My best regards from Latin America 🌎 #onepercent #affable #venezuela


Woowooo! So glad to hear this😄... I feel so excited. Thank you @alegnita for the warm welcome. It is nice meeting all the beautiful people here.
I am still trying to find my stand tho.
I don't know where to start from, an advice from you will be appreciated.

welcome to steemit media here you can share experiences and also share knowledge in each of your posts. and you can ask me if there is something you do not understand. and also you should often see @steemitblog posts because they are very active in supporting newcomers and also participating in interesting contests for you to follow and get support from them to further advance you on steemit


Alright @imamalkimas. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I sincerely appreciate and will do as you've said.

Congratulations!!!! You have been upvoted by @focusnow and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit. You may now proceed to the next achievement task.


Wow! Thank you so much @steemcurator and @focusnow. I really appreciate your support and I'm sure gonna do as you said

Welcome @graciee20. STeemit is a nice place to be. You will meet great minds here and people with similar passion. Engagement is important - verry important. So start by replying all the comments on this post. Then read other people's post and comment too. Join contests like #thediarygame. Follow @steemitblog for updates. Join communities and be active. You will get support if you work hard in this way. Welcome once again and enjoy your stay here.


Thank you Sir for the warm welcome @focusnow... I'm sure gonna enjoy my stay here with you around. I do appreciate

@graciee2020 you forgot to add something: you are intelligent. I enjoyed reading your intro. Welcome and I know you will enjoy Steemit.


Smiles... Thank you so much @mexacliff for this warm welcome. I do appreciate and can't wait to explore the Steemit Community

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Thanks, I appreciat. @lacxis

hi @graciee20, welcome to steemit and enjoy your stay here and don't forget to participate different contest held in here


Hi @sarifiin, I'm sure gonna enjoy my stay here. Thanks for the warm welcome

Hello ma'am🤗welcome to this part of the world . You have made a great step into future success in steemit by completing the achievement one task, congratulations ......

The major things you need to scale through here is engagement and commitment. Engage with people by commenting on people's posts, follow them and always reply to comments on your own posts.

You can proceed to your second achievement task and follow @steemitblog for updates .

Welcome once again @graciee

#twopercent #nigeria


Wooo! Thanks for the warm welcome @marydexplorer. I will do just as you've said.

Hi @graciee20.
Welcome to the steem blockchain.
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit for upcoming contests and challenges

You are welcome to post any content in Steemit Nursery
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Alright! @fombae. I will do just as you've said. I'm so excited being a part of the Steem community. Thanks for the warm welcome.

We are so happy to have you here!!


The pleasure is really mine @izraelinspired. Thanks for the warm welcome

Hi @graciee20, welcome to join. U're warmly welcome here....


Hi @naniarmansyah, thank you for the warm welcome.