Achievement 3 by @harryel Task : Content Etiquette

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Greetings my good people of the Great Steemit Community! How are we all doing? I've been fairly good myself. I'm going through life's highs and lows. For all those who are also going through hard times, let's keep pushing, let's get out to the other side together.
Now to my Achievement 3 post. I did Achievement 2 a while ago and I had planned to do Achievement 3 yesterday, but I had a rather busy day, so... Here we go.
Once again, a special thank you to @cryptokannon for explanatory article. Also, a big thanks to my friend @rexxalo for encouraging me through the bad times, and for pushing me to post this.

As an upcoming poet and lyrical artiste, I know how long it takes me to come up with quality content. Not just the length of time now, but the pains and mental stress I sometimes have to undergo, to produce content that I am comfortable with releasing to the public for assessment, consumption and entertainment. I certainly don't find it a good experience when someone steals my work and/or presents my work like theirs, or without giving me credit. And that's precisely what plagiarism is.

Plagiarism is the presentation of the brainchild or intellectual property of a person as though it doesn't belong to the original owner.
It is the act of using or copying a work, opinion, work of art, research work, or general intellectual property and presenting it as if it belonged to the copier. Plagiarism is essentially theft And thankfully, the Steemit community is totally against it. Using the Proof-of-Brain Blockchain model, users are required to publish original and quality content.
But, to be fair, some people unknowingly plagiarize the content of other people by mistake and as such must be taught how to actually cite a source.

How to Cite a Source

This is something all writers and posters should remember to do:
Every sentence that is copied and pasted should be quoted and both copy/paste sentences and paraphrased sentences should be referenced. For example:

If you plagiarize others' techniques, you steel their emotions and tell your spectators a lie with your work. Works as such equal zero. - Wu Guan-Zhong" Source

"There is much difference between imitating a man and counterfeiting him."" Source

Images used should also be cited:

Also, lest i forget...
I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them.

Here's the link to my Achievement 1 and Achievement 2

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Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 3 post. Now you are eligible for performing your achievement 4 which is about the applying markdown. You can refer this post for your next task.



Hi, @harryel,

Your post has been supported by @abuahmad from the Steem Greeter Team.