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Hello Steemians,

Initially it’s a great pleasure to become a member of steemit family and greate thank goes to @besticofinder and @sithara who guided me here.

I would like to introduce myself to the steemit community and build up long lasting relationship with you all. I’m Iresha Chamishani. I’m 29 years old and my birthday is 20th December 1991. I live in Kandana and my home town is Sri Jayawardanapure. I born to great Sri Lankan parents and I became a proud Sri Lankan citizen.


My family consists with five members who are my parents, two younger sisters and myself. I’m single and still living with my family where having unconditional love. Parents are doing business related to construction Industry and tourism. Youngest sister is 11 years old and she is studying at Lyceum International School Wattala. Other one is studying her bachelors in Australia.


Over the past 29 years I have gathered many educational and professional qualifications. First, I did my Ordinary Level and Advance Level at St.Joseph’s Girls School, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. I got 10 Distinctions for my Ordinary Levels and 3 Distinctions for Advance Level. Thereafter I got selected to University for my higher education and I have completed my bachelors at University of Sri Jayawardanepure, Sri Lanka. While doing my degree, I have completed postgraduate diploma in Marketing at Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing and Chartered Accountancy at Institute of Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka. After I completed my bachelors, I enrolled to start my MBA and I have completed my MBA at University of West London, United Kingdom. During that period I have completed postgraduate diploma in professional marketing at Chartered Institute of Marketing in United Kingdom. Further I’m planning to start my PHD in near future.


All the achievements, I have achieved until today it’s mainly due to my dedication, courage, hard works and the support I got from my lectures, family, friends and other people who support me through positive vibes.

Today I’m working as Business Development Manager at Medium Scale Company which operates their business in rubber industry. Previously I worked as a Factory Accountant at Brandix and it’s it most experienced and enjoyable time I have passed in my career life. Before that I got 3 years experience as an Account Associate respectively at PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Kingsley Jayalath & Company. Currently almost I have 8 years experience since 2013.


While doing all of these it’s please to spend few times in social media networks to get leisure time and I selected steemit for that, specifically it will reduce our stress level that all we have in busy lifestyle. This is great platform which gathered people from all over the world and this is become global village for all nationalities.

Finally Thank you very much for the opportunity gave us to get together to share our knowledge and positive things to be more informative.

I would like to invite you all to follow me and share with me interesting and more valuable stories of your life. It’s glad to have you all in my steemit profile.


Thank you ♥️ @besticofinder @cryptokannon @sithara

Have a Wonderful Time ! 🥰

#cryptokannon #introduceyourself #achievement-01 #team-srilanka #srilanka

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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I wish you luck to your steemit activities.

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Thank you 🙏🏻 😊

Hey @ireshach
I'm @fiatht Welcome you to Steemit

First of all you have made a very good introductory post.

Firstly, to tell you Steemit is a block chain based where you can get rewards for sharing your daily life storys, photos, work, Diary game and your content such as Writing,your best day, Photography, diary games and many others.
it important for you to keep up with the achievement program post by @cryptokannon , from 1 to 6 in other to have a very successful staying here on steemit by completing these achievements you can learn how to use Steemit , like applying markdown , using wallet , use of key and all your account information. and also you will know what to do that will be beneficiary and what to avoid. you are highly welcome once again.


Thank you 😊🙏🏻

Hi @ireshach,
You are welcome to the Steemit and wish you to have a long journey here ❤


Thank you 🙏🏻 😊

Hello @ireshach welcome to the steemit platform and welcome to ශ්‍රී ලංකා community🇱🇰 you will be able to find and engage with quality contents here. Keep looking forward, hope you have a great journey with us☘️


Thank you 🙏🏻 😊

You are welcome to the Steemit. Wish you for a long journey on Steemit


Thank you 🙏🏻 😊

wish you to have a long journey here. 🌹❤️


Thank you 🙏🏻 😊

Hi @ireshach. Welcome to Steemit Community. Your achievement 1 has been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement tasks eventually. Hope you will be stable on the platform quickly and enjoy being here.

Here is a tutorial that helps to get more idea on the basics, A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS.

Try to be active and interact with others. You can join the contests, share your experiences, etc. Creating quality content will alwayas be a plus point for you!

Here is a list of communities that you can get on board according to your preferences. Always try to follow the rules in different communities.

Don't forget to follow @steemitblog for the latest updates.

Wish you a great journey ahead!

Thank you!
Best Regards!



Much appreciate about for the verification and information gave me. 🙏🏻 Thank you very much 😊