Achievement 5 Task 1 by @its-carlene18: Review

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Hey Steemians! Hoping you're all doing good. I am very much relieve and I am close into completing all of the achievement task by @kryptokannon. And it is a pleasure for me to present my achievement 5 task 1 which tackles on the Review of Steemworld.Org). I am also going to explain my review about this task step by step.

How to check Reward Summary for all time, last 30 days, and last 7 days for your account?

Go to and log in your steemit account name. Next, click the dashboards.

Look for your steemit account name below. Next, click the arrow near your name then click " stats ".

There is a Reward Summary of my account in All time, 30 days and 7 days in the lower portion.

The reward is being categorized according to the reward summary of the account.

What is Delegations and its Types and how to Delegate Steempower?

In my own words, when we allow others or the community to use our steempower is referred to as delegation.

The following are the types of delagation and its definition.

Incoming Delegation ~ it is when you are the one who borrowed Steempower from other steemit users.

Outgoing Delegation ~ it is when you let others or the community borrowed your steempower. You will be the one who made a delegation to your chosen community.

How to delegate SP?

Step 1:
Click the delegation menu bar on the window bar.


It can be seen in the screenshot below that I have no incoming delegation made.


And I also have no outgoing delegation made.




Step 2:
Click the " Delegate" window to make delegation.

You simply write the account name where you will delegate your Steempower and the amount of Steempower you will have to delegate then click Ok. After we need to input our active key to complete our transaction. Or you simply go to the community where you want to delegate then find their delegation link and click.


Checking Incoming and Outgoing Votes

Step 1:
Under Account Operations, we can always see the incoming and outgoing operation.


Step 2:
Click incoming operation and in there we can see the names and the percentage of votes from other users who voted for our post.

Step 3:
Click outgoing operation and there we can see the name and the votes that we have made to a certain account of others user posts.

Checking account operations for the past 7 days and the details that can be checked

Step 1:
Select Account Operations and click the last 7 days. Click, then we can see the incoming and outgoing operations flour account.


Step 2:
Click ingoing operation and check it.

Step 3:
Click outgoing operation and check it also.

What is Author, Curation, and Beneficiary Rewards?

Author Reward is everyone who is a steemit member has the potential to become an author. This means that anyone who contributes to the Steemit platform by writing an article or commenting on other users' posts is eligible for prizes based on a voting system.

Curation Reward means that by making an upvote and comments from other users' posts, you receive a reward that is paid in steem power.

Beneficiary Reward means that the authors will set the advance setting to have a beneficiary upon making a post. This means that the beneficiary will receive a share of the reward depending on the percentage set.

Checking Author and Curation rewards on steemit account

Select the " Coming Reward" button on the left side corner and select Author Reward then click the refresh button to show your author reward for the past 7 days.


Then select the Curation Reward button then click refresh. It will show the curation reward for the past 7 days on my account.


How to check your upvote value and at different voting, weights using this tool?

This is how I check the Upvote value and various voting weights based on the tools. We can adjust the percentage for our voting scale using our vote power wheel.

That would be the end of my achievement 5 task 1. I would like to give thanks to @cryptokannon and ate @liamnov for always guiding me. Thank you so much for reading my post. Keep safe always!

The following are the achievement task that I have completed:

Achievement 1:

Achievement 2:

Achievement 3:

Achievement 4:

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Hey @its-carlene18, this is Aniqa Mashkoor a greeter helper

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