Achievement 3 by @jampok86 Task : Content Etiquette

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Hi friends, steemit, wherever you are, especially for newcomer's friends, you must be in good condition and always in good health.

Now, on this occasion I will continue my post which I made some time ago about achievement 1 and achievement 2. So on this occasion tonight I will continue to make my post about achievement 3, which is about code of ethics and content, as the instructions in give it to me next

So doing plagiarism is something that is very stupid and very fatal, because plagiarism or taking someone else's copyright is one of the actions that can be subject to criminal penalties regarding the problem of taking someone else's copyright. So, not only on the steemit platform that prohibits us from practicing plagiarism, but in higher education it is like that when we want to do our final high school which is called "THESIS", there we are also prohibited or not allowed to take someone's creation. other. Why is plagiarism prohibited, because from one point of view we do not respect other people's work, be it in the form of writing or in the form of images and from the other side we get criminal penalties for taking other people's copyrights.

So, most people do not know the cause and effect that will happen if they take someone else's copyright. So before taking someone else's copyright, it is better if we first study the consequences of whether we will be punished or not.

So, the meaning of plagiarism is an act or a copying of someone else's work that is done by a person who is not responsible or doesn't respect the work of others, as if it is an act of its own for its own good. Plagiarism can also be considered a criminal offense for stealing someone else's copyright

If you want to do or take someone else's text then you can do like the example below. But this is for you to do on the Steemit platform, then you can include the reference address or we can include the link from which source we quote the text



So, you can also see the original post in "SOURCE" after you make the post. So, so you can also make posts with your own work and in your own language on this steemit platform.

So, that's enough about the plagiarism problem that I made tonight in the achievement 3 post.Hopefully it can be useful for all of us, so that we don't fall into other people's copyrights and we can also respect other people's work by not taking just quotes. other people's work

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Hey @jampok86 , this is @aniqamashkoor A greeter helper

Congratulations you have completed your achievement 3 and I believe with the completion of this achievement you must have learn that plagiarism is a crime in writing. And to avoid this we use sourcing and citing methods.

Please attach the link of your achievement 1 and remember you have to add this link in every achievement.


I encourage you to complete your achievements till 4 to be a part of NEWCOMERS SUPPORT PROGRAM which is 500SP Minnow Support Program in the Newcomers' Community.

Happy steeming :)