Newcomers' Achievement 4: Applying Markdown - @jeffbradt

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Hello everyone once again, it's JP Bradt and today I present:

Applying Markdown

By now, if you have checked out my page, you know that I am an atheist advocate secular advocate. Some might think that "secular advocate" means "atheist advocate", but there is a difference. Allow me to make the distinction.


Explaining the Difference Between 'Atheist' and 'Secular'

"Atheist" means of course not believing in an actual god, while "secular" strictly means that one does not involve religion in what one is doing.

For example, when at work here in the United States, most of the time we are required to be secular. This simply means that we may be religious, we may pray or perform quiet rituals, we may wear religious dress (depending whether it is appropriate for the job—for example, in a fast food restaurant one is expected to wear the company clothes, not a hijab). However, proselytizing is not permitted in most work settings. In fact, a person can and often does get fired for it. This does not mean that everyone is encouraged to be atheistic at work; on the contrary, it allows each person to have his own religion and disallows others from imposing their beliefs on him.

What Advocacy Means in My Case

I am not looking for everyone, nor necessarily anyone, to become an atheist. What I am hoping for is for everybody to get along regardless of their respective religions or nonreligion, regardless of what they believe or do not believe.

To this end, I advocate for the purpose of nondiscrimination in nations where the nonreligious and members of minority religions get persecuted.

You can check out my first achievement here if you like.1

Thanks as always to @cryptokannon and everyone else who made these achievements possible.

Peace and Love,

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Hmmmmm,but the best decision is it to remove it? I think some newcomers are being guided by it sir @jeffbradt.


I just feel that there are tons of other versions of it for them to get guidance.

I don't plan to remove any more of my achievements, I only removed the first four.


Alright sir