Achievement 5.3: Review - @jeffbradt

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Hello friends, I have reviewed the website, and here is my assessment of it. I hope this makes things clear for newcomers.

1. What is Effective Steem Power?

First, click Tools at the top of the page:

Next, click Steem Account Information:

Here, you can see "effective steem power" listed:

Enter your username in the field (where justyy is). You will see your stats, including effective steem power:

2. How do you delegate Steem Power using "Steem SP Delegation Tool"?

Go back to Tools. Click Steem SP Delegation Tool:

Enter your username in the Delegator ID field, and the username of the one to whom you want to delegate in the Delegatee ID field. Here I am delegating to justyy. Enter the amount to delegate (here I put in 1.500), and click Delegate via

3. How do you check the transfer history between any two Steem accounts?

Go to Tools and click Steem Wallet Tool - Steem Account Transfer Viewer:

Enter the username of the account whose transfers you wish to view. Here I have entered my own. Then click Query and the black window will display the transfers done between that account and other accounts. After I clicked Query and got the result, I clicked Stop:

4. How do you automate claiming STEEM or SBD without having to click claim button each time, using "Steem Auto Claim Rewards"?

Enter your username and posting key. Then select how often to claim. Click Claim:
As you can see, it keeps claiming, and each claim appears in the window.
When you are done, you can click Stop.

5. How do you check the outgoing votes report for any specified period using "Steem Outgoing Votes Report"? (This is really an important and a beautiful feature of Steemyy)

Under Tools, under the heading Upvotes and Flags, click Steem Outgoing Votes Report. Enter the username and click Outgoing Voter Report. Here is the result when I enter my username:
As you can see, I voted for 40 accounts.
If I scroll down, I see the list of specific accounts for which I have voted:

6. How do you check the incoming votes report for any specified period using "Steem Incoming Votes Report"?

Find this option under Tools. I have entered my username, selected the start and end dates for the time period I wish, and clicked Incoming Voting Report:

Seven accounts voted for me between 8 July and 22 July, and at the bottom there is a list of who they were.

7. How do you check who has delegated SP to your Steem account or any Steem account using "Steem Power Delegator Checker"?

This option is also under Tools. I entered username justyy for this, as I have no delegators so my username would be boring. Click Search. It lists those who are delegating to the Steem account you have entered, and once again they are listed at the bottom, complete with a pie chart:

Thanks to @cryptokannon for making this achievement possible. This has been a pleasure. I wish everyone happiness and health.

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