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Hello once again, folks!

This is JP with my last Newcomers' Achievement. In this achievement, I will demonstrate that I understand how curation, voting, witnesses, and the Steemit community function. Thanks for joining me on this journey, I hope you are enjoying it!

Voting and Curating on

Here on, we have what is called voting mana. This is similar to mana in a game, in which case the mana bar goes down as mana is used, say by casting spells. One has to wait to regain his mana.

On Steemit there are upvote mana and downvote mana. Of course, upvote and downvote mana both start at 100%. Two percent of your upvote mana are spent every time you upvote a post or comment. Two percent of your downvote mana are spent each downvote. The downvote pool is 25% of the upvote pool. If you were to consume your whole downvote pool, then downvotes would begin using upvote mana.

Each day, your voting mana recharges by 20%, so if you vote ten times per day, it will recharge back to 100% every day. If you vote more, you will have to wait longer to recharge your mana. Upvote mana and downvote mana both work this way.

The more mana you have, your votes count more, so if you have 100% mana, your vote will count twice as much as if you have 50%.

Once you reach about 500 Steem Power (SP), you will see a slider with which you can select voting power from 1% to 100% for each vote you make. Before that, you can only vote with all of your voting power (meaning if you have 60% voting power, you are voting with 60%). If you vote with less voting power, you will use less mana and will yield less reward.

If you want to see how much voting mana you have, go to either or, replacing "username" with your Steemit username. (Don't forget the @ on steemdb, and to leave it out on steemscan.)

Downvoting gives you no reward, and it takes away some reward for the person you downvote. The only time I would downvote would be if someone were abusing the system. I have never downvoted anything, as I have not seen abuse on Steemit. Downvoting brings down the reputation score of the one who gets downvoted, only if the voter has a higher reputation than they. Otherwise, reputation is not affected.

How much of the curation reward goes to the author and how much goes to the curator?

50% of the voting reward goes to the author and 50% goes to the curator.

Out of the 50% you as a curator would receive, during the first five minutes after a post is created, the amount you receive starts at 0% at 0 minutes and goes up to 100% (being 50% of the entire reward) at 5 minutes. So for example, at 1 minute, 20% of the amount goes to you, and the other 80% remains in the rewards pool; but at 5 minutes or after that point, the entire amount goes to you while none remains in the pool.

If you are wondering, yes, you do get rewards (and give them too) for upvoting comments as well as posts!

Curation trails are created by users who used a tool such as steemauto (although when I try to visit the website it is no longer there, so I have no link to it). When you went to steemauto or another curation trail tool, you could select a Steemit user. Then the tool automatically voted for whatever that user voted for. This way, you would use your votes even when you were not actually logged in. When a user had other users voting after them, this was called their "curation trail."

Don't worry that your upvotes do not seem to create rewards at first. They are creating small amounts of reward even if those amounts do not show up, and as you gain Steem Power (SP), your votes add more reward. Also, when you upvote something, others will tend to upvote it, so you are indirectly creating more value this way as well.

Steem Witnesses

To check out all the Steem witnesses, click the three bars at the top right of your page on, here:

On the menu that comes down, click Vote for Witnesses:

This will bring you to the witnesses website for Steemit:

Log in and you can see the witnesses for whom you have voted, if you have. Also, of course you can vote for witnesses. Here you can see that I have voted for steemchiller, because the arrow next to that username is green:

I voted for steemchiller a long time ago because they seemed to be a reliable witness who was popular. I will research other witnesses and may vote on more soon. I base the decision to vote for a witness on how they are regarded by others and how I regard them based on what I learn about their activity on Steemit.

Communities of Which I Would Be a Member, and Why

I have joined several communities, as seen on my home page under Communities:

I am a member of the Newcomers' Community and the Steemit Nursery because I am still a new member, getting to know the ropes. I joined the Crypto Academy because I wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies in general. I am particularly excited about the latest community I joined, Music for Steem, because as a musician I enjoy being a part of a larger community.

Thanks to cryptokannon, who made these achievements possible. Thank you to everyone who read and voted on my Newcomers' Achievement posts! I am very happy to have finished them all. I will be seeing you around, as I plan to remain active here on

Have a great day!

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Greetings @jeffbradt, I am pleased to inform you that your achievement 6 was verified correctly so I must congratulate you for developing the entire program

I want to invite you to make a compilation of all your achievements in the same post, so that we can make a final review.

It is important that you know and be part of the #club5050, for this you must maintain during each month a balance when turning on (POWER UP) no less than 50% of your withdrawals and transfers, in this way you will be contributing to the platform and you can be considered for have the support of the steemit team, learn more here



Hi @wilmer1988, I deleted my first four achievements because I thought they were redundant, as they were done by so many other people. I did not realize I would have to make a compilation so that you could review them.

I can go back and redo those four achievements, so that the review will be complete. Do I need to do this, or can I just give links to the old achievements so that you can see in the comments that they were verified and upvoted?

I will go back and redo them, but I hope I don't need to.