ACHIEVEMENT 6 Task by @kinkyamiee: Understanding Curation and Community

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Hello everyone, first of all, i would like to thank @cryptokannon for this achievement task post that has been able to guide me through completing this task. I have gain so much understanding of how the reward system works on the steemit platform (ie curation and voting). I have also learnt how important the roles of witnesses are to the blockchain of steemit. I been able to understand learn how to utilise the steemworld website to delegate some of my steem power and also take it back anytime I want. I would like to go on and share my understanding of curation and community.

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How Curation Works On Steemit.

Voting and Curation works hand in hand. Curation is when a quality post or content is been voted on. Voting is just like liking a author's content, we normally see such on other social media platform. This is just like appreciating a person's post.

Once a post is voting on, you are giving the author of the post some reward from your reward pool and this reward depends on the number of steem power you have in your wallet at the time of voting. This process of rewarding an author is known as Curation.

However, upvoting and rewarding depends on the votinv mana you are currently possess. It is first set at 100% and takes out 2% every time you upvote at 100%. This voting mana recharges by 20% everyday and you have to wait for the recharge once it is exhausted because it determines the amount of reward you can distribute.

As a beginner on this platform, i am entitle to vote at 100% voting strength until i get to 500steem power, then i can adjust my voting strength to any percentage i want, which can be from 1%-100%. This will allow me reduce or increase my voting strength. There is also the downvote mana which is 25% of the upvote mana, this does not add any earning to the curation reward.

Now, this reward is set in a way that 50% of it goes to the author while the other 50% goes to the curator. It is every important that the time of voting is taken note of. All this can be seen using some third party tool like Steemscan and Steeworld, these tools enables you check your voting mana.

When an author post a content and a curator rewards that post at the time of posting, the 100% curation reward stay within the pool. As time goes on the follow happens:
After the 1 minute mark, the curator reward is 20% while the reward that goes to the pool is 80%.
After 2 minutes mark, the curator reward is 40% while the reward that goes to the pool is 60%.
After 3 minutes mark, the curator reward is 60% while the reward that goes to the pool is 40%. After 4 minutes mark, the curator reward becomes 80% while the reward that goes back to the pool is 20%. Lastly, after 5 minutes, the reward of the curator is 100% while the reward that returns to the pool is 0%. In other words, 100% of the curation rewards goes to the curator of the post after the 5 minutes mark.

Witnesses of Steemit

Witnesses are usually elected by a community to produce blocks on the steem blockchain in 3 seconds interval. They are been compensated with steem power as that what they do full time. They are 20 in number and still have extra backups so that each user is can vote up to 30 of them. They make sure that there is nothing like hacking on the blockchain

As for me, the witnesses i would possibly vote are @justyy that have introduced and @steemchiller that also introduced They have created those tools and also prevent the blockchain from been hacked.

Why I chose to join some communities.

There are numerous communities to join and partake in on the steemit platform. I have gone through the communities and have chosen some good ones to join. Here are the ones i have chosen and my reasons for that.

  • SteemFood : This is a community that enables me share different types of food that i prepare, because i love to cook alot, i share the steps and recipe i used and also share the cooking tools i use.

  • Steemwomen club : This community is all about women and i see that i can learn alot about women, things like skincare routine, haircare routine and other stuff related to women.

  • Financial Security: I love this community because i can learn all forms of ways i could protect my steemit wallet and other wallet outside this platform.

  • World of Cricket : I want learn more about the game of cricket, i feel this game is cool and interesting.

  • Project Hope : this community will help me learn more about cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship and economy.

Thank you @cryptokannon for mentoring me, i am so grateful for all the task from 1-6, i have learn all that needs to be learnt on the platform.

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Thank you so much, i didnt know i was going to show that, but i practiced it and i have been able to come up with a new community, its called Financial Security, pls check it out. Thanks again.

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Hello @kinkyamiee, I congratulate you, you have done an excellent job and have made progress, I wish you success in your new tasks and your career at Steemit.
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Thank you very much, i will check it out.