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Hello beautiful Steemians,

I would like to specially thank @cryptokannon for this amazing opportunity to applying as a steemit greeter helper and i have come to know more about this platform through @xkool24 who has coached me since i joined. I joined this platform since decemeber 2020 and since then i have been able to complete my Achievement task. Here is the Compilation of my Achievement 1-6.

My name is Amiee and i am from Nigeria. My username on the platform is @kinkyamiee and i have been verified a Pro Newcomer. I am a cofounder of a steemit community called Financial Security. You can get to know more about from my Achievement 1.

My country is an English speaking country and I am very fluent in English, so i can help users that write their posts in English. I also have a translation that can help me with other language speaking post.

Criteria i will check in order for me to give the newcomers' task authorization to move to the next achievements task.

Acheivement 1:
I will be helping to check that newcomers follow the guides to writing their introduction post and also correct their mistakes. I will also make sure to check that the picture that contains the paper with their username and date of joining the platform is not photoshopped.

Acheivement 2:
Here, I will help to check that they write the correct use of their private keys and that they understand how to save them properly. I will also make sure they show screenshots of how they power up, by this, they understand and know how to go about that.

Acheivement 3:
Well, this is one of the important tasks in the achievement tasks and its very important that newcomers understand that plagiarism is not allowed on the platform and that they are expected to make original contents. I will be making sure that they have also understood the guides.

Acheivement 4:
I will be checking how effective they use the markdowns on the platform. I will be checking for mistakes on how they arrange their post, how they use markdowns that make their post readable and help them with some corrections too. I will make sure they use the correct tags too.

Acheivement 5:
Once they are on the right track, I will encourage them to continue with the rest of the Achievement tasks and on this task, i will check that they have learnt about the steemit tools that will enable them carry out some transactions and other activities on the platform. I will also make sure they add the right screenshots that shows they have used those tools.

Acheivement 6:
In the Achievement 6 Task, I will be checking to see that they have an understanding of curation and that they have learnt how to create their own community by adding those screenshots. Lastly, I will check their tags too and make sure they are using the right ones.

As i have been given this opportunity apply, i will make sure to help newcomers, welcome them to the community and put them on the right track and with that, I understand the role of Greeter Helper and the workflow of Greeters team at Newcomers Community.

Thank you.

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