Achievement 2 @krishnarajput Task : Basic Security on Steem


Hello steemit family,

Security is our priority for anything’s, which are related to Our Personal safety. This Personal safety may be for our money or personal data etc... As we all know today’s world is world of technology and here anybody can stole your data if your security is not updated.

As i had gone on steemit website, I have learnt something from there. Which i am sharing here, which can help to understand the security system of steemit and also complete my second Task.

In this website Security are categorise in two parts, first part which handles your Blogging area and in second part hand you’re monetary area. For this they provide Sets of Keys who have different permissions and can be used as per their needs.


From the above image we can understand sets of permission given to various keys.
Steemit has basically four keys and one master password which brief is given below:--

  1. Posting Keys- Here this key is used for publishing your post or comment, you can also up vote or down vote, follow or edit comment, etc...
  2. Active Keys- This key is related to your wallet and can perform these tasks such as transfer token, SBD conversion, place an order on an exchange etc...
  3. Owner keys- This key can be used for resetting your posting key, active key and your owner key. This key can recover your account also etc...
  4. Memo keys- from this key you can send and view your encrypted and decrypted message.
    This password is used for generating the above password from your account. So this password should be store Offline i.e right on paper or save in pen drive.
    Here I am going to demonstrate how your Steem token can be transfer to other steem user account:-





In this image you can see how one can convert your steem to Steem Power for them and take advantage of that.


Hi @rishabh99946,
This is my Achievement Task 2. I have already posted Achievement Task 1 in this Newcomers' Community.

Here is my introduction post

#achievement2 #cryptokannon #steemexclusive #india #newbie #steemit

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Congratulations! You have passed the Achievement 2 on Basic Security, please get ready for the next task on Achievement 3: Content Etiquette here
See you soon! blush

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Thank you @tarpan, I will definitely complete this task.

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