Achievement 1: Verification Through Introduction By @maha12

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🙋‍♀️Hello Steemianzz

I am very happy and excited to be part of this wonderful world. I was invited here by @shama26 , She guides me about steemit . before I had Little knowledge of this platform. I am very happy and I want to explore it more.
Well, without wasting time I wanna start my intro post.

So, it's me Maham Ch , nickname Maha ۔


About Myself

Here is my Maham Ch, I'm 30 years old. I am a housewife and mom of 4 children. One elder son who's turning to be 8 Two pretty girls who are 3 and 6 and one little boy who’s 1—they’re so sweet MashAllah .....!!!!



I am a housewife with great duties of being a mom, my husband name Ch Maqsood Hussein he is a job holder, we based in the joint family system. Great values system being rooted is here.


Country and City

I'm from Pakistan. I belong to a well-known city of Pakistan that is okara, it is famous for Agri and dairy products. I am sure I will share some content regarding our culture and festivals a flourishing platform.


Education and Hobbies

I'm master's degree holder in arts.I am a dress designer and dressmaker by profession and it's also my interest and hobby. Dressmaking and design are creative, innovative people who are passionate about fashion and fashion awareness.

I love to cook and make variation in dishes and cook it with love for my family and children. for a mom its a lovely and blessed activity .



How myself will be beneficial for steemit ?

Being a mom I'm busy much time with my family and children however I took out some time for my interest that's is cooking especially it's a lovely passion of me I also feel satisfaction while cooking for my kids it's blessings 😍😍😍
The other interest is in dress design and dressmaking. I sew dresses especially frocks, shorts, kurta and cultural, festivals, and seasonal dresses for my children. I will love to write about Cooking, fashion, dress making, and designing-related blog here. I will share my knowledge regards my interest and passion . I can write dress making blogs and also makes very delicious recipes. Love to share it here with you.


My princess...


How I come to know about the Steemit platform.

I come to know about the Steemit platform From my sisters @shama26 and @salmashraf. They guide me and also educate me about this wonderful ecosystem. I get this platform very very interesting and amazing.

My Experience with Crypto

I would really like to thank my mentor @cryptokraze and SIZ( infinity zone) for Guiding me (how to Join Steemit and shared a lot of helpful martial in the community and got so much acknowledged) I came to know about this glorious community.

I am also part of this great steemit family and would like to share the pieces of my life with you people and I would also like to discover something new for all of you.


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Mashallah, very pretty and interesting introduction

Mostly warmly welcome to you here aapi ji. Love to see you here and hoping to see more from you soon

@vvarishayy have a look please , 😊

Wow Mashallah cutiez besties


Ahhaaaa okk😁😁

Mostly warmly welcome to you here aapi ji. Love to see you here and hoping to see more from you soon

Hello welcome to Steemit world!
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I'm very happy ☺️ to see you on an amazing plateform where you can show your skill and learn a lot of knowledge.


Thankyou for welcoming me 😊😊🥰

Welcome 🤗
Congratulations you have been verified by vvarishayy you can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience.


Thank you So much for verification approval😊😊

Hi, @maha12,

Your post has been supported by @vvarishayy from the Steem Greeter Team.


Thanks for your reward. Its really happiness.

Welcome to steemit network.
Keep it up

Hello @maha12
I'm @usmanali1

  • Welcome to Steemit world

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@maha12 bienvenida a esta comunidad