Mamun has tears in his eyes


After many days, I came up with a new story
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[] .Mamun has tears in his eyes
He has regained his former Araba.
That is the same face. Light blue magical eyes. Brown shiny hair. Seeing it fills the mind.

How many years later I saw your previous form dear.

You will be by my side like this all my life?

I said yes without thinking. I have a strange love for him. Seeing his face, it seems as if paradise has returned.

The help of the lord was enough for us.
Since then our path is different.
If it wasn't for the lord, maybe Mamun would have died.

I don't know what language to say thank you sir.

Mamun said to Hazur, thank you.
We will be forever grateful to you.

He said, "I wish you success in your endeavors." I have to go now

Then the lord left.
I now see a few strangers in front of me.

As soon as I looked at Mamun, Abid said, they are my mother, father, brother and Bhabi.

Assalamu Alaikum.

They answered the salutation.
Mamun introduced me to everyone.
Now the house no longer looks empty.
There were so many people here and I had never seen them before.
I hadn't had the strength for so long, so I couldn't see. But from today I am also a jinn.

I thought and talked a lot with Aunty.
They told me many stories.
They are very simple people.
They can be easily mixed.

It is two o'clock at night. Everyone is going to sleep in their own room now.
I will sleep with Bhabi in Bhabi's room today.
And brother will come to Mamun and sleep.

I came to Bhabi Bhabi's room.
I can't sleep at all.
When will the sun be tomorrow? It is as if the night is not passing.

I just went from side to side for an hour but I couldn't sleep.
It doesn't feel good to lie down anymore.
Now my strength is back. So I went to the roof.

I went to the roof and was startled. A good man is standing by the railing.
I went and put my hand on his neck and looked at me.
The eyes of the two became.
This good man is none other than Mamun.

Mamun said, Turmi has not slept yet? What are you doing here so late at night?

In fact, I couldn't sleep even after trying so hard. So I went to the roof to spend time.
But what are you doing here?

I have the same condition. I can't sleep. When will you get all the memories back? This thought is not coming to sleep.

Today is a full moon night.
In the moonlight, everything looks beautiful.
There is a smile on the face of the moon.
It is amazing to see Abid in the moonlight.
It seems that I am going after her love.

I didn't understand when that time passed while both of them were talking.

Now Fajr Azan is giving.

I can see a mosque next to it. Many people are going to the mosque. Everyone owns a Noorani look.
But I have never seen this mosque before. I have never seen any of these people come here.

Well Mamun, why have I never seen this mosque before? And who are these people? Why haven't I seen them before?।।

Mamun said, this is the mosque of the jinn. Most of the jinns who live in the world pray in this mosque.
The name of this mosque is "Zvin Manzil". Ordinary people do not see this mosque. So you haven't seen this mosque or jinn so far.
I have to go to pray.

Then I performed ablution and prayed together.

And after a while there will be two suns
Mamun and I went to the balcony. I am waiting for the two suns.
Now I know why time is not running out.

After waiting so long, the sun finally came.

Immediately I fainted.

When I regained consciousness, I saw him lying in bed. Next to me are Aunty, Uncle, Brother, Bhabi and Mamun.

Aunty asked, how are you now mom? We were thinking a lot.

Alhamdulillah is good.
I got all my memories back. Ah what a joy that is.

Mamun is standing with his face dark. I said what happened to your Mamun?।

Will it work ..?
(I am new to the story. This is my first story. I will continue when everyone finds it. InshaAllah. Happy Reading)

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