ACHIEVEMENT 2 @mawattoo8 Task: Basic Security on Steem


Hi everyone,

It is pleasure for me to be here and submitting my post for Achievement 2 that is about Basic Security on this wonderful platform of Steem. Security is very essential in every aspect of life and same is the case with online activities. It may differ from actual life security and online security but it is important to be secure in every aspect.

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In Blockchain Network, security is given more importance than other networks and it has also worked very well in securing users wallets and other personal information. Steem has also given too much importance to the security aspect and this post is also about security on Steem.

Question 1. Have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?

Yes I have retrieved all the keys. I have saved them both online and offline. I have also saved them on my computer offline. I consider all these keys very important and if lost, I will loose my account as well. So I have given much importance and have saved them online and offline.

Question 2. Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?

There are different keys with different functions and every user should be aware of these functions. I will try to explain every key with its functions and restrictions below.

Master Key.

Master key is very important and it is used to generate all other keys including Owner key. Master key or Master Password is used to generate account while making account for the first time. It should be kept safe and it is used in the process of recovery of an account.

Posting Key.

It is also very important key and it is used to post, vote, resteem, comment and edit. This is the key that is used very commonly by users of steemit platform. It should also be saved with lot of care.

Active Key.

Active key is also very important key and it is used to transfer funds, convert steem dollars, power up or down and placing any market order. It should also be given importance and should be saved by the users online and offline.

Owner Key.

Owner key is considered to be more important
than any other key and it should be saved offline. It is very powerful key and it should only be used when necessary. It can be used to change any other key including Owner key. So, it is very important key and should be saved offline to avoid any mishap.

Memo Key.

This key is used for encrypting and decrypting memos. When any user transfers funds, this key is used to encrypt memo and it is done by adding # sign before the message.

Question 3. How do you plan to keep your master password?

Master password is very important and I intend to save it offline. I have saved it offline as it is used to recover account if hacked or lost. I have saved it on my laptop and also in my mobile phone.

Question 4. Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

Transferring of steem tokens to another steem user account is explained with the help of screenshots below.

Login to steemit account and click on Wallet.


The next page will open as given below. Then click on the triangle shaped button next to the steem balance as mentioned in the below screenshot and click on Transfer.


Below is the form to be filled to transfer steem tokens to another account.


Add Username and fill the amount to be transferred and then click on Next as mentioned in the screenshot. By clicking on "Next", the below screen will appear. Remember, in Memo, you can write anything with this transfer and it will be shown to all.


This page is to confirm the transfer, if the detail is good then Click"Ok" and the transfer will be completed.

Question 5. Do you know how to power up your STEEM?

Steem power up is a very good part of steem and if a user has steem in his account, he can power up that will increase the power of vote. I will explain how to Power up with the help of screenshots.

First Login to your account and Click on "Wallet" as I mentioned in previous question and shown in the screenshot. The the next page will open and Click on the triangle shaped button next to steem balance.


Click on "Power Up" and the next appear as follows.


Enter the amount of steem tokens to be converted to Power up and then click on "Power Up" as mentioned in the screenshot. In this way, steem can be converted into power by using process of Power Up.

Thanks in anticipation.



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Hi @mawattoo8, congratulations on your successful completion of your Achievement 2.

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Thank you for completing this Achievement.

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Thank you so much

Hi, @mawattoo8,

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