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Self Introduction:
Hello, My name is Nirab Mitra.I am 22 years old. My permanent address Rajoir, Madaripur. But at present i lives in jashore ,Bangladesh. We are 2(two) brothers and i'm the youngest of us. I am from a hindu family. My father is a govt Employee and my mother is a housewife.


Educational Background: Now,I am studying professional BBA (3rd year 5th semester) at cantonment college jashore.I complete my SSC in 2015 and complete my HSC in 2017.I want to be a goverment officer after finishing my studies.After complete the computer course i got a certificate.


My photo
Experience with crypto: I don’t know much about crypto.But i will try to know about crypto.

My hobbies:
My favourite hobbies are singing and travelling.when i pass leisure time then i singing a song with my guiter. I aslo love playing cricket , football and vollyball. Every afternoon i am playing cricket with my friends ..Some times i spent time gossiping with my friends.


Singing time with my guiter


with my friends
Post I looking for: I’m looking for good posts and i want to learn from them.

Post I will create:
I will share my daily activities and i will never disobey group instructions.
Why Steemit:
I am hearing from my friends and searching many online sites.Then i find it. I am new member here.It is a good site to give us many opportunity for earning money. It inspire me to work on online platforms.
I given Special thanks to @saprottoy.
Thank you so much everyone & please support me a lot.

Thank you Newcomers' Community

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Welcome to Steemit Community. You have been verified by @abuahmad and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience. Here is the achievement 2 in English and Bangla.

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Curator Note- 2

Hi @nirabmitra

Welcome to Steemit world my friend ! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Its a place where you create quality content, sharing your daily life work through #thediarygame and get rewarded for it. Have a good time here sharing your stories with us!

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If any query you can ask me any time.

Thank You .


thank you so much

Hi, @nirabmitra,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.


Thank u so much for supporting me..

Hello @nirabmitra welcome to steemit world

You made a great intro.

The first thing you must do is complete all the achievements from the first to the sixth to learn how to use Steemit and to get acquainted with all the tools that help to work on the platform and the most important resource that helps you complete your achievements is Lists of Achievement Tasks, Resources & Materials: Newcomers Resources.

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Success in Steam is not impossible but it takes some effort.



thank u.. plz support me