My introduction post/ achievement first

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Hello Everyone,

How are you guys?
Here is my Introduction

My name and address

My name is Nitish Kumar Verma. I am 18 years old. I live in a town named Karimuddinpur. This town is in Ghazipur,Uttar Pradesh.
are tha neighbouring district.



I have passed intermediate in 2021 . I got 79% in my intermediate exam. After that we sat with my father at our shop.I want to study for Indian Air Force. So I am going to allahabad coaching to study.


My father name is Mr Pankaj Kumar Verma . He is a shopkeeper. And my mother name is mrs Tara devi . She is a good housewife.


Sumit Gupta (@sumitgzp) , Basiullah Ahmad(@basiullah), Arif ali(@arifgzp), krishna sharma(@krishna001) are my friends.

Hobby &Goals

I like to play cricket. I like to read a lot of books. I like to use the phone and at the same time like to watch TV.
My goal is to become a successful businessman. I want to earn a lot of money in my life. Because of which I make my life better.

Knowledge about steemit

@sumitgzp introduced this steemit to me. I found it an interesting platform. I share posts everyday. I have made many friends on this platform.

This is my 3rd introduction post because I was not verified.


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Hi dear @sapwood, I didn't get any booming support. Don't know why. Please reply something about it.

Hi dear @rishabh99946, please verify my account. This is my 3rd post for verification. Last time I was not verified. Please 🙏 verify.


Welcome on steemit and I hope you will do your best on this platform. I suggest you that you complete your achievement task from 1st to 6th. Then you will be able to know better about steemit.

You can visit Lists of Achievement Tasks, Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency topics, you can join the Crypto academy and start with the introductory courses they are offering:

Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ September 6th, 2021 ] - Season 4 : Beginners Level Introductory Courses

You can apply for the 30 SP delegation program for newcomers..

You also can apply for 500 SP Minnow Support Program if you have less than 500SP.

You can also join

You also can join the Steemit Guidance Discord and Steemit Guidance Telegram groups for any Assistance needed.

There are community rules in all communities on Steemit. You are required to follow all the rules before posting any article. I hope you will post quality content here. If you need any kind of help, just let me know and I will try my best to clear your doubts.

Enjoy your Journey on Steemit.

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