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@cryptokannon This is my reference on how to APPLY MARKDOWN


Markdown is a plain text formation syntax that is aimed at making writing for the internet easier. The main goal of markdowns is for plain text documents to be readable without tag mussing or jam packing everything up.
In a markdown to make a word seem bold, you apply markdown asterick before and after the text( *) example: Bold

A post needs to be nicely formatted to be read well and easily, that is when we apply headlines and sub-headlines because they are important elements that help show the structure of your post and guide the eye of the reader.

Two ways to create a headline
i. You can add your title and underneath it three dashes or three times the equal sign. Example:___ or ===
And it looks like that below ⏬



ii. You insert at the start of row,a hashtag symbol ( # ) give a space then the Headline.


To make a centered headline, apply this format, # < center> HEADLINE HERE < /center >. (while applying the format,only give a space after the hashtag.)


Adding of links in a post is very vital and useful and we often need to do it to avoid being tagged as Plagiarising.
Links enables reference,text,images to be properly recognized when it is clickable.
Example: this is a link ™
To make it clickable, we're applying the below syntax without spacing them; [link] (

Quotes/Block quotes.

We often need to write a quote,a phrase that someone said or wrote.that is when we apply this symbol > in front of the sentence .

"I believe that human's were created and not in existence by evolution"


Every now and then,we witness and hear of awe-inspiring experiences happening today either by Way of Life'sgood or bad activities, worldly events and activities tagged to be unforeseen occurrences. Then we at a point in time come to wonder, who allows most of those activities to take place? The answer rolls down to understanding who God is!

Why should we acknowledge His existence?

He is our creator who made us in his image and likeness (relating to qualities).

"Lift up yo ur Eyes and see who has created these things?... It is the one who brings out there army by numbers (relating to the worldly creations); he calls them all by name. Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe inspiring power, not one of them is missing"
_bible's account of Isaiah 40:26.

God is Our heavenly based creator whose name is JEHOVAH.

God is a real creator of heaven and earth who desires and deserves to be worshipped alone. In reaching him there is no limitation considering his heavenly abiding because when we seek his attention in prayer he has obedient angels to carry out task on our account.
It is inexcusable that we disobey his advice to us because our compound obedience to him is a bonus to our possibility of gaining favour from his proposed future earthly Paradise.

"And he will wipe out every tears from their eyes and death will be no more"
_revelation 21:4 ,5.


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