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Task: basic security on STEEM

In an interview,the following
discussion ensues between an Employer and A Job seeker.

The Employer gets cautious and prudent while addressing the Job seeker as he makes further inquisitions and confirmation before employing him in his company.

The following discussion goes on
Clearly the employer took charge of the discussion.
He asked; Have u retrieved all your keys on steam it?

Job seeker boldly replies,yes sir, I have.

Employer further demands; Tell me each of this keys and their functions!
The job seeker replies,one uses the posting keys for everyday logins,for making comments, for editing, to vote comments , to post messages and to resteem ,to follow or to nut other accounts.
He further explained as he showed the employer a diagram from his phone


The owner key, is put in usage out of necessity because it is needed in changing of the account keys inclusive of the owner key.
It should be stored offline and only used in cases of when one's account has been tampered with.
Active key is strictly for making more effective, sensitive task such as Power up/down transactions ,voting,converting STEEM dollars, transferring funds, updating profiles details and avatar also for placing market orders.
The Memo key comes to work when one wishes to encrypt or decrypt the memos that had been sent along with fund transfers.
The Master key is used to activate and generate all other keys inclusive of the owner keys, but it's put in usage only when one's account is been should be kept safe offline, for safety. And Protection (the employer added).
Yes sir, said the job seeker.
Very impressive the Employer remarked.
But he further asked;How is your owner key key kept?
And where do u keep it?
Written down on a piece of paper which I keep in my deposit box in a private place where no one else required can search for it and find plus it's digital back ups and the master keys are likewise concealed in secure locations.
Alright...(said the employer as he further asked)
Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steemit user accounts?
The job seeker answered, very well sir.
How is it done?
He asked.
"One must click on the arrow next to the number of steem tokens held in the wallet section of one's account then also click on transfer in the drop down box, then one enters the name of the account to whom they wish to make the transfer ensued by the number of tokens plus a Memo if necessary. Finally,one may go for a memo if sought for on the confirmation screen then, clicks OKAY to Conclude confirmation".

transferring STEEM to another user


Nicely , the Employer remarks on the job seekers answers.
He finally asks, How does one Power up steem?
He further expresses; Sir, one uses the same drop down box as the transfer next to the Steem number but,select Power up instead then enters the Quantity of Steem and clicks POWER UP...



You are hired!
The Employer replied with delight as he gives the job seeker a handskake.


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Add screenshots on how to transfer steem to another user.

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