Hello everyone! my warmest regards to you all, I trust we are all doing great . This is my post to introduce my humble self.

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My name is CHARLES EKPIMA, but my friends call me the "De-Optimist". I’m 23 years of age and I held paternally from Mbo Local Government Area(LGA) of Akwa-Ibom State, in Nigeria. I was born on 20th November & raised in Oron LGA in a family of 5 children and currently, I live in Uyo the capital city of Akwa-Ibom State. Currently i am self-employed & I love connecting with people.


I had completed my Nursery & primary education from Infant Jesus Nursery School, & the Queen peecares primary school respectively.
I had completed my college education from Methodist Boys' High School, Oron.
I just graduated with the award of B.Eng. in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from The Federal University of Uyo, Nigeria.
Meanwhile during my graduation I have done short courses in Digital Prototyping, Solar PV Sizing/Installation.


I started my career early as at age 11, I began designing & creating you vehicles, helicopter from scrap components. As I grow up, I began repairing all my neighbors Electronic appliance & device. Through this I was expose & learned more. Before I finished college, I was already being called "Engineer", this alone urge me to seek admission into my dream course, Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Some months ago after graduation, I began my own business by name "Optimist Electric-tronics Services" which offers All kind of Electrical, Electronic, mechanical services to the people of my state. I intend to cover other areas of Servicing Engineering with time.


Award of Excellence from NBGN
Award of Service from NIEEE.


Certificate of participation in Ibom Solar training & digital marketing.
Certificate of proficiency in Autodesk inventor, Autodesk AutoCAD, & plant 3D design.


I love researching.

I love modelling & designing.

I love writing & teaching.

I love making new friends.

l am a social-media addict.

This is a picture of my Electronic portrait work;

This is picture of me with my friends during my final year defense;


I would like to engage with professional engineers.

I am looking for mentorship in the Engineering field.

Know what is going on & changing currently in the world.


I love writing, mixing words together & creating beautiful contents. Over the years I have been managing two (2) politicians pages and creating contents to the glory of their names. With Steemit I believe the narrative will change, if I can be recognize for my creativity & gain reward for my work.
Also with Steemit, I have an opportunity to share my Engineering experience with students & prospective engineers in my same field of studies.


A million thanks to my elder brother @maurice704 who told me about steemit helped me sign-up an account, & gave me a step to step guide on how Steemit works

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Hello welcome to Steemit world!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
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I wish you luck to your steemit activities.

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Thanks 🙏 so much for this, I truly appreciate

Thanks 🙏 so much for your support. I'm humble!

Hello my friend welcome to the steemit platform. You will never regret being on this platform. On this platform there are many activities that you can partake in. Join communities and start blogging. You can post anything in the website such as cooking, sports , medicine,music or just post your talents and good ideas. Avoid posting pornographic and harsh words. It's advisable to join steemit nursery were you can post anything and know what you are best at. On the platform if you're consistent, you will have success. Know that good things take a while to be enjoyed, so do not expect fast and magical success, put in your time and talent or ideas and be consistent. You cannot post many things in a day if your steem power is low. You need to do contest and post often so you can get rewarded and have a good steempower. You can use a 100 percent power up or 50sp and 50sbd. Do not try to compete with any one, it will only make you confused and make you stressed up, so work hard to be good for your self. Another way to get good up votes is by joining community support programs. As a new comer you can do a quick reading over acheivement 1 to 3 and get basic rules that are obligatory for you . Acheivement 2 is talking about your keys, if you misuse them or loose your account it cannot be retrieved. You need to keep your keys well, by sending them to your email, note pad, printing them etc . Check your wallet transaction daily to know if someone tempered with your account.
After you have logged into your account,and your wallet, sometimes you will have pup ups that ask you often to put your active key before carrying out any action, do not put it, tap on the (x) above it and reload your page. If it persist, contact your country representative or an old member you know so that you will not risk getting your account hacked. Acheivement 3 is about plagiarism. It sounds like a very big word. It means you should have nothing to do with copying and pasting if you cannot site a source. If you want post the same thing in more than one community, you have to use #tags so that your post will appear in the other groups. If you find something online do not fail to cite a source before posting or your post will be down voted , muted, and flag which will only tarnish your reputation on the platform because people will not take you serious and you will be stagnant.

The number next to your name is a reputation number which shows how you have been up voted and down voted, the more good Content you post, the more good reputation and followers you will have and the more down votes you get will not be good.

Do not see people happy or getting up votes and be discouraged. When you are consistent and discipline the curators will visit you.

Note that the more you do your acheivements, the more educated you become about the steem platform. Always comment and upvote post of people and replied comments from people even if it shows 0.00.
Follow steemblog for updates and always pass by the newcomers community daily to check the notice board for announcement.
If you find difficulties in anything, ask your questions under comments in the newcomers community. Steemit and steemians love you and wants to see you succeed. Steem on and meet you at the top.