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Hello to all,

I am finally completing the achievement task which is my long time goal. I highly recommend anyone new to the Steemit world to complete these quests. Let's take a brief look at the tasks together.
I have listed the achievement tasks in the table below.


Achievement Task NoContent
Task 1Verification Through Introduction
Task 2Basic Security on Steem
Task 3Content Etiquette
Task 4Applying Markdown
Task 5.1Review
Task 5.2Review
Task 5.3Review
Task 6Understanding Curation and Community

Achievement 1 Task: Verification Through Introduction

In our first task, we introduced ourselves to the Steemitfamily. We talked about our goals in Steemit and what we expect from this platform. Thus, we confirm that we are real characters. We also have the opportunity to meet newcomers. You can also find my introduction post here.

Achievement 2 Task: Basic Security on Steem

After introducing ourselves, we can start learning about the Steemit world. To do this, you need to start Task 2. With this task, we learn where the passwords given to you when registering with Steemit are used. It is worth reminding that we must keep the given PDF file in a safe place while it is registered. You can read my post for more detailed information about passwords.

Achievement 3 Task: Content Etiquette

One of the most important issues on Steemit is plagiarism. This platform is absolutely against the initiation and wants our content to belong to us. Of course, quoting can be done. In this case, it is necessary to cite the source. If you want to read the post that I prepared for this task, click here. Photo Source

Achievement 4 Task: Applying Markdown

One of the most instructive tasks for a beginner is task 4. One of the most instructive tasks for a beginner is task 4. Here you can find great information on how to edit the page layout while preparing a post. You can also find my Achievement 4 Task here.

Achievement 5 Tasks

Task 5 consists of three parts. We're reviewing three different and useful tools from Steem.

Achievement 5 Task 1: Review

The first platform we reviewed was This platform is a very useful platform to follow the latest movements of an account, incoming and outgoing votes, future awards. You can find my review article about


Achievement 5 Task 2: Review

The second platform was I got to know this platform with this task and will use it often in the future. Here you can follow the latest Steem prices and vote for the witnesses. You can read my post for a more detailed review of this tool.

Achievement 5 Task 3: Review

The last platform we reviewed was Many vehicles welcome you here. You can review your own account, check delegations or get a report on incoming and outgoing votes. Here is the review I prepared for this platform.

Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community

The last of our tasks was to understand curation and communities. When we vote, we learned how the reward distribution is and the importance of voting time. We got information about the communities and talked about the communities that I am a member of. The article I prepared for this last task is in the link.

I have come to the end of the achievement missions with this article. here I want to give special thanks to dear @cryptokannon. They have prepared a very nice and demanding program. In this way, the Steem experience of us users has improved considerably. And a thank you to dear @svm038. As the country representative, she never spared her support in these tasks and motivated us to complete these tasks.

Best regards

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