Achievement 1 - My Introductory Post To Steem Greet Community

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My name is Jessica Akinleye. I am a Nigerian currently living in Lagos, Nigeria. My friend (@dywayne16) introduced me to this platform, and honestly I am super excited to post here!



I am the first in a family of four beautiful girls and my love for my family is a whole new vibe on it's own.


I am currently an undergraduate in the field of human anatomy in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Being an Anatomist has been one of the best experiences of my life. While science may fascinate me, I am also a lover of humanity hence my career path.



By profession, I am the CEO and co-founder of Bezaleela International, a registered company with three subsidiary companies under it: Bezaleela Collections (fashion items), Bezaleela Massage and Bezaleela Kitchen.



Reading is one of my hobbies. From school books to novels to the Holy Bible. Just about anything. I love to write too. My love for music cannot be over-emphasized! I enjoy music alot as it is my source of inspiration and a way of connecting with God. I really do not see a world without music. Here is a photo of my newly acquired Bluetooth for more music listening.



In regards to cryptocurrency, I have done just a few investments in Bitcoin for some time now. But I would still love to know more about blockchain technology.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you all while I also learn from you too. I hope to become part of some communities, find people with similar interests and hopefully acquire a stake in this platform through my contributions!



Thanks to my mentor @mariita52 who helped with all the directives on how to go about this.

Hello @cryptokannon and @cmp2020 your posts helped too. Thank you. I would love to join the prominnow programme as I kick start my Steem journey.

Cheers to my journey on Steemit!

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Hello, and welcome to Steem!

I have given you the title "verified", and I invite you to move on with @mariita52's program!


@cmp2020 thank you very much.

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Hello @pretydami
This verification introduction is fine.
I label three of the mentors, now we are a little confused. Then wait for your verification and you can continue to the next achievement.
Read Achievement 2 proposed by @cryptokannon and when Achievement 1 is rated, you will be given the guidelines for Achievement 2, then label and name a single mentor, the one you choose, to take better control of our part. Thank you for your attention.


Thanks. I stated @mariita52 as the ONLY mentor. I only sent out appreciation to the other two as their posts helped me too.

I await the verification then. I will read up on the achievement 2. Thanks.


Thank you for your response and trust.
I'll clarify it to the team. I was referring to the use of labels more than anything. It is what gives the mentor value, you can add other tags like #steemexclusive, #achivement as a fourth and fifth tag. The name of other mentors after the fifth tag, not a problem. Thanks for your attention.


Alright. All corrections noted. Thanks


Hello @pretydami Thanks for your reply! In preparation for Achievement 2, you have two tasks, visit here in the community one or more posts about Achievement2 from other participants, leave them a comment, either a question if you have any doubts or just an appreciation of their work. And give them to vote in some publications. Some daily votes strengthen your account. For the time being, don't post anything out of the program achievement tasks here in the community. You can post from your own blog or from another community, always make sure you know the rules of a community before posting. I hope you are very well with yours, just love and blessings. @ steemcurator03. Upvote!


Thank you for being great and leaving encouraging comments to your colleagues¡ Go to achievement 2

You've been voted by Steem Greeters from the STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @ steemcurator03 account to support newcomers entering Steemit.