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Hello Steamians! How was your day? I hope everyone is healthy and good.
I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity that to introduce myself.
My name is Muhammad Haseeb Yasin & i am 17 years old.
I am Living in the Sahiwal city of Pakistan.

I am the student in Food Department.I studying about Food, their components & ralated products.


other than this,i also learning of Blockchain development that how to create a Blockchain.


Brown Line.png

I intersted in :

Vedio Editing : I like vedio editing and This is one of my favorites.When I'm free, I edit videos, etc.



Graphic designing: I prefer graphic designing because it was the first step in my development And I've designed many posters, banners and business cards and given them away as freelancers.



File Conversation: File conversion is also a great job And I can easily convert any file to any other format or design.`


Pictures Source: Pixabay

To end,
Grateful to @cryptokraze & steam infinity zone for your never ending support.Hopefully,I will be verified by this wonderfull community.

God bless Steamian's!


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Hello @princehaseeb786 and welcome to this platform
And we appreciate you I thank you for your hard work in this post.

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Hi @princehaseeb786, Welcome to Steemit!

Nice Introduction Post👌

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Welcome Haseeb to steemit. I am sure your skills will helo you make good quality content here. Your skills can help others as well to learn from you.

Enjoy your stay here.


I am very thankful to you for telling me about Steam and inshallah in the coming days I will do some posts which will be of great benefit to you people۔ Thanks


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Welcome to Steemit world! Explore and engage in Communities. Enjoy learning and strolling on posts and you'll soon understand more about the platform. For your blogs and exciting games, join us at Steeming Community managed by @kryptokannon.

See you there!

Hey, welcome to steemit. Hope you will have a great journey here. Please be sure to continue making posts on this platform to get support.

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Thank you very much for telling me this tag.
Now I have this tag

Hey @princehaseeb786

Welcome to steam it

welcom @princehaseeb786
i am very exited to know that you did hardworking on this post and i appriciate you.

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