WEEKLY REPORT 16/8/2021 to 22/8/2021 as a Greeter Fairy By @reddileep

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Hello Steemians,

This is my 3rd Weekly Report in this community as a Greeter Fairy. As usual, I’m so thankful to @cryptokannon for giving me the post of Steemit Greeter fairy here in this community. Today I'm here to Post My Weekly report as a Greeter Fairy considering 16/8/2021 to 22/8/2021 days. (Week)

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  • As a Greeter Fairy, I was able to greet about 70 newcomers during the previous week (16/8/2021 to 22/8/2021) on their introduction post and I found 5 users who need correction in their achievement posts.

  • I guided all of them to complete their rest of the achievement tasks in the Newcomers community

  • Furthermore, I motivated all of them to follow every valuable program like the 500 SP Support program, 30 SP Support Program, and the courses offered by Steemit Crypto Academy such as Introductory Beginners’ Courses.

  • As usual, we are carrying out a Discord and Telegram channel to supports newcomers under the leadership of @cryptokannon. And also, currently, there are 3 Greeter Fairy members out there with me contributing to help newcomers in our Discord channel.

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I can see a good improvement in the newcomer's achievement posts. However, some of them have joined with this platform without adequate knowledge to post their introduction post. So, I guided them to correct their mistakes and shortcomings.

Still, I can see some of the Newcomers do not appear to be active again after their achievement post. Actually, we can freely share any content in any suitable community. Therefore, you can join any community according to your willingness and share informative content with others while doing the rest of the Achievement tasks in this community.

So, I invite newcomers not only to come here to post their achievement posts but also to welcome other newcomers. At the same time, don't hesitate to respond to other people who welcome you.

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Below I've included summarized data regarding my report.

Total of 70 users were successfully Greeted in the Newcomers community and guided all of them to the rest of their achievement tasks



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Again I would like to remind every user who hasn't completed their achievement tasks, you can follow Lists of Achievement Tasks, Resources & Materials article in #Newcomer’s Community which was published by @cryptokannon.

And also, newcomers who completed at least Achievement 4 tasks in the newcomers community and if you have more than 125 Steem Power without delegated SP, you can join The Beginners Level Introductory Courses at Steemit Crypto Academy Community. It is a good opportunity to learn more about Crypto world.

If you haven't 125SP in your account, you can follow Steemit Crypto Academy 125SP Booster article to increase your Steem Power to be qualified for beginners level introductory courses.

Furthermore, you can follow 500SP Minnow Support Program to be strong in the Steemit Platform.

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You can follow my My Achievement 1 post to know more about me and here is the Compilation of Achievement tasks which I have completed.

Contact me anything related to Steemit -:

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Thank you for reading my post. Have a good day.

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