Achievement 5 Task 4 by @reza-khem: Review But Still Error

4개월 전

Hello everyone, I have been waiting for more than a week to post an achievement 5 task 4, but I postponed publishing the post because seems to be in trouble, when I checked earlier was still not working properly, so I decided to keep write the post achievement 5 task 4 because it can't wait too long anymore.


First, when I wanted to check my account, it turned out that didn't respond at all and didn't display my account name, on the contrary recommended another account name, I tried using another account name.


Here I choose the account name @crypto8deep, and below are the results displayed by steemdb.


Here we can see that steemdb seems to be in trouble because it doesn't display results like other people.


Then I tried to find an account in the name of Sultan-Aceh, and the results also did not match what we wanted because history was not displayed, for other features it could not be displayed either. And not long after that steemdb returned an error and could not be accessed anymore.


I've read a lot of other people's posts, and am confident enough to complete the task, but I can't show a screenshot. What should I do now, continue to make achievements by taking other people's pictures or I have to wait, please guide.

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Hi, @reza-khem,

Your post has been supported by @tarpan from the Steem Greeter Team.