Achievement 2 | Basic Security On Steemit by @sabbir22

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Hello, steemians. How Are you all. I hope you are doing well. My name is sabbir22. This is my introductory post about basic security functions on steemit account.


★ Question 1:

Have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?

-- Yes, I do. This is the first thing I have got from steemit , when I am signing in. I have all my keys saved in a PDF format in my google drive and also a screenshot of it in my mobile gallery.

★ Question 2:

Do you know how each of these keys works and their restrictions?

-- Yes, definitely I know about the kye function and restrictions.

◆ Owner Key

We can say this key is a Powerful key. Because this key has the power to recovery the other keys.

◆ Master Key:

This key is verry much important key because it helps to recover your account. This key is used to generate all others keys. This key is given to login the steemit account.

◆ Posting Key:

User use this key for post, comment, upvote, downvote, edit, resteem etc.

◆ Active Key:

This key is used to done more important task.This key use to power up/down transactions, converting steem dollars, vote for witnesses, updating profile details and avatar, transferring funds and placing a market order.

◆ Memo Key:

To transferring funds this key used to encrypt and decrypt of memos

★ Question 3:

How do you plan to keep your master password?

-- I saved my master password in Google drive and also saved in my phone and pc by creat a pdf file.

★ Question 4:

Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

--Yes I know how to transfer steem to another steem user account .

Screenshot (84).png

★ Question 5:

Do you know how to power up your STEEM?
-- Yes I know how to power up steem.

Screenshot (82).png

First I have to click in steem combo box.Then I have enter amount of steem . In this way steem is power up.

Screenshot (83).png


Thank You, Everyone




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Hi, @sabbir22,

Your post has been supported by @boss75 from the Steem Greeter Team.

Congratulations @sabbir22

You have passed Achievement 2 on understanding the purposed of the different keys offered to you on the steemit platform on creating your account. I personally happy you went ahead to show us how you can transfer seen token and power up your account from your wallet

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Rating: 2

Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 3: Content Etiquette Link You are expected to know the Proof of Brain concept and able to produce and sharing quality/original content.

Greeter helper

Holaaaa... Felicidades, vas muy bien con tus logros


Muchas Gracia's..!!

Good job bro.


Thanks bro !