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Hello EveryOne

I hope you are well. I have completed my Achievement 1 and Achievement 2.
Now I write my Achievement 3.I will try to explain to you about Achievement 3.
Achievement 3 is about Plagiarism.Let,s start without wasteing of time.

What is Plagiarism?



Using someone's content or something without their permission is called plagiarism.
If you use someone else's interest for your own purpose without their permission, it falls into the category of theft.
Especially if you steal someone's content on a steemit platform and use it as your own.

Types of Plagiarism

Too Many Types Of plagiarism Today I will tell you about some of the types in this post.

Complete Plagiarism

This is the biggest type of theft.
In this oath, the author presents someone's content as his own.
For example, I want to put an achievement. I put someone's achievement on my account.

Direct Plagiarism

In this type of plagiarism, the author picks up someone's content and presents it in his content. It changes a little bit.
He adds quotation headings and other changes.This is direct Plagiarism.

Mosaic Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is not easily detect.In this type of theft, the author uses someone's heading or phrase as a search in his content.

Accidental Plagiarism

Accidentally or unintentionally adding someone's content to your content is called accidental plagiarism.
The author has no intention of adding anyone's content to his content.We should avoid such kind of Plagiarism.

Paragraphrasing Plagiarism

In this type of plagiarism, the author picks up someone's entire content and makes changes to it and presents it as his own content.The author makes headings and wording changes.

Why Plagiarism is Wrong

We must avoid plagiarism because it is a theft.Our beloved religion Islam does not allow theft.
Stealing doesn't cost you anything, but the one who steals does a lot of damage.
Stealing destroys your ability to work hard and your ability to think and understand.

How we can Avoid Plagiarism?

Avoid Plagiarism because it is a great sin.If you present or steal someone else's content, you lose your mental capacity.
It destroys your ability to think and understand. You get used to stealing.
Instead of stealing someone else's content, bring your own content and your own thinking of mind.
This will help you to develop your skills.

Thanks to all to stop here for visting my post.

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