My Introduction Post In Steemit Achievement #1

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This is my introduction post anbd first post.

My Background:

I am from a middle-class family of Abbottabad Pakistan. My name is Samiullah. My father is a teacher at government school. We are six brothers and sisters. I am at the third number. Playing game on computer and mobile is my passion.
I am a keen player of PUBG. Counter Strike and IGI.


My Study:

I am studying at the government college near from home. I am study in class 11. I feel happy to be a part of this great platform.
If i compare myself to studies i am good at sports. I like to capture photos with my mobile often i take selfies.


I am new to crypto currency and also i am new to writing. i am new to english language I listened of steemit tso far from my cousin @abdt. I promised him to i will make acoount on steemit and then i will do posts regularly.


In last i want to say, i will do my best on this platform. I am steem pakistan community member, and i will improve my posts and contribut those with platform through community.

I am very thankful for these great efforts, @cryptokannon and her team are doing good work. I am invited by @abdt on steemit, thank you @abdt for inviting me on.
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Welcome to steemit and I wish you a wonderful steem experience

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#onepercent #affable #SriLanka

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Nice to see you with a nice effort. You tried best to make your post well and thank you for understanding the method very quick.

Goood keep it up.....

Welcome to the platfo4m @sardar-sami .
I was also playing too much IGI 2 but i ended up realising that such games have addictive potential. Same is case with PUBG. Don't play too much of these and make proper use of time. Play occasionally when you are free because pubg too is addicitive and time consuming.

Steemit is undoubtedly an interesting and exciting platform. I would suggest you to explore different communities here and join interested communitie.
Thank you
#onepercent #india #affable

Hi, @sardar-sami.
Welcome to steemit.
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Have a nice day