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Hello everyone !!!

I want to tell you about my self !


My self
I passed my 12 pass in the year 2016, after that I took admission in B.Sc. Then I took the exam of NEET in which I passed and I got college.

I got a college in Farrukhabad called Babu Singh Jai Singh Ayurvedic Medical College.In which my batch is 2018 and there are total 100 children in my batch.
The day I went to class, there were only so many children

This is my friend Anshul Dubey who is my brother-in-law's teacher. Because of which I would also have a lot of advantage in living with it like in Notes

I like to play free fire very much and I play daily with my friends so that I have just learned to play properly.

I went to visit Mathura with my senior just a few days ago, where I had a lot of fun and we also had a lot of fun so that I also liked it a lot.
Prem Mandir

Radha Krishna

Prem Mandir lighting

I like to play cricket and I don't know much about it but as much as it comes there is enough to play. I like the best shot hook shot, it has a lot of shots .



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