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I am writing to fulfill the requirements @cryptokannon as this is necessary and mandatory on the steemit.

Below is my steemit introductory picture


I am Ifeanyi O. Ifeanyi by name but on steemit I am called @sciencetech, I was born in the 1900s years ago, I am from Imo state, Nigeria. I am married to my beautiful wife Mrs chisom ifeanyi.

Owing to current unemployment, I couldn't secure a white collar job but I have tried to manage a stationary equipment office based in aba, Nigeria.

I currently reside at Nigeria but hopefully, I pray to move to my dream country which happens to be Germany, I really love everything about the country and I pray I get there some day.

I am a great lover of science, and u can tell where my steemit name came from sciencetech I really don't have much experience on crypto and I wish to participate in the academy as I heard teaches greatly about crypto currency.

I love football and you can guess I fan the best club in the world, Chelsea 4 life


I am a motivational speaker by nature and I look forward to joining motivational platforms to help elevate lives as I get impacted too

I am fairly okay financially and may want to join in the club5050 to help boast the community by powering up

I am glad to be here and hope I am given a worm welcome. Let's do this together.

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hello good presentation


Thank you so much

Hi, @sciencetech,

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