Achievement 4 by @sciencetech Task : Applying Markdowns

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God has been faithful from achievement 1 uptill achievement 3 and gracefully I am in achievement 4 now

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Achievement 4 is talking about markdown styles and it will enable us structure our writing in a unique and orderly manner in order to make it readable and easy for those who visit our blog.

As required for this achievement, I will be listing down five(5) markdown styles that I am now familiar with.

1.) Header Markdown
The Header markdown is a markdown that is used for titles and headings that we wish to be pronounced and more visible. Below is an example of Headers using the header markdown.





The text above is called the header markdown and it was achieved by adding (#) before the text. The more you increase the (#) the more the header reduces

Below is an example of what I used to achieve the output above

# Headline 1
## Headline 2
### Headline 3
#### Headline 4
##### Headline 5

2.) Applying link to post
Applying links to posts and images are very important to avoid plagiarism and to redirect people to the source of an information.

I will be adding a link of the original post of cryptokannon to show that I now understand how to use the markdown style.

This is the link for cryptokannon post

Cryptokannon's link

3.) Tables
Creating tables help you to differentiate some contents neatly and makes it more understandable for readers to pick the points with ease and without stress.

In order to add a table, first you need to put in the items you wish to explain or differentiate followed by a (|) between them. Then on the next line add this (------|-----) and the first column will be formed.

Header 1Header 2
MoneyMore Money

The above is an example of tables

4.) Adding BlockQuotes
As we all know the steemit block chain is strongly against plagiarism and this is one of the best citation processes as we were thought in achievement 3.

Adding a block quote is done by adding (>) to the front of the text


Creating a subscript usually comes in when we want to write a text very little and below and image or as a description. We could also use it in writing the botanical name of chemical like H2O (H2O).

This can be achieved by adding the tags .

I created this subscript to fit into this markdown

I hope I have written to the best of my knowledge and have met the requirements necessary to advance to the next stage

Best regards

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hola amigo, saludos, soy @jesusremaj7 uno de los saludadores de la comunidad de recien llegados, he revisado tu publicación y queria recordarte que tu publicación debe contener al menos 300 palabras, para este logro te sugiero que nos describas cuales fueron los códigos que usaste en tu formato... saludos


@jesusremaj7 I have edited the post to meet the requirements


Excelente trabajo, tu logro ha sido verificado

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